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  1. SlownOld

    Endurocross, Bismarck ND, Nov. 11-12th

    Has Gerry said anything about doing one in Rapid City SD this year?
  2. SlownOld

    Official how'd ya do at the races thread

    First try at posting a link. So here it goes, the nastiest Endo I ever saved. Still in a lot of pain
  3. SlownOld

    CRF150 Over a CR80 For Racing?

    Thanks for all the advice. Some things that i had not thought about. And always open to some new ideals..
  4. SlownOld

    CRF150 Over a CR80 For Racing?

    Just because something scares you doesn't mean you shouldn't try and overcome your fears. I give the little guy a lot of credit for trying. Yes it would be so easy to walk away and not try. Not everybody that races is a bubba or a ricky, someone's going to come in first and someone's going to come in last. I just want to help him succeed,not everyone is cut out for a two stroke. And to find a four stroke that can be raced in the 85 class is almost impossible. I just want to know if the cfr150 would hold up until he got up to speed.
  5. SlownOld

    CRF150 Over a CR80 For Racing?

    I know i should not sweat the results but it is really hard some days. He keeps wanting to try doubles when he can't even pull a four foot jump. I try to keep him real on his riding. Some times I thinks he thinks he's really kick'n a**. And it's hard to tell him he's doing good but to do that double he wants to do he has to be up two gears and twisting the sh*t out of the throttle. All I really want is for him to have fun and do his best.
  6. SlownOld

    CRF150 Over a CR80 For Racing?

    Thanks for the input. A 250f is what he is wishing for. I told him that he has to keep up with the pack before he gets a bigger bike. He can race the 85 class for two more years and i feel he needs to learn the sport before he jumps in with faster bikes.
  7. My son is 14 and racing in the 85c. He is riding a cr80 right now. In my opinion the bike scares the hell out of him . He will not run it in the powerband. A lot of low rpm's and lugging :excuseme:and coming in dead last most of the time . When he rides my XR 200 he seems to be faster and he seems to like the low end torque. What I'm wondering is if a CRF 150 would hold up to some racing. He not a real big jumper . And would it last for a good year until he moves up into the 125 class. I would like to here from anybody who kid races a CRF150. Thanks for any input in to my problem.