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  1. jaulmer

    450x Battery Prob

    I have 2005 450x same problem just bought a new bat won't hold charge. I have wal mart boat rv battery in trailer. i put it on battery tender every night before riding if don't start cold jump start, once on the trail after warming bike up it always starts. also just adjusted valves that helped alot stock shims 1.65mm right intake left intake 162. shimmed with 1.45 right 1.35 left intake starts perfect! Before if it did not crank first or second push on starter your done!
  2. jaulmer

    DUMB question.. BUT NEED TO ASK IT

    Just as nick250f said get the manual. My son's bike was bought used owner didn't have manual got my off internet.
  3. jaulmer

    DUMB question.. BUT NEED TO ASK IT

    Hello, my son has a 07 150rb the drain for the engine is on the bottom close to tranny side. The drain for the tranny is like my 450x dipstick side behind the shifter. Tranny almost took a whole quart with the weep hole unplugged. Engine side takes almost 3/4 of a quart. Filter is the same as my 450x, I think all the oil filters are the same for the crf's r models.
  4. jaulmer

    crf150r or kx100?

    My son has a 07 150rb he drag raced a moded crf230 they where about even.
  5. jaulmer

    new crf150r....now what to do

    Just hammer and go!!!!!!!!
  6. jaulmer

    how do you start your 150?

    Hello, forgot to mention intake valves way to tight, and this bike i bought was never raced. It rides in the woods now.
  7. jaulmer

    how do you start your 150?

    Hello, with 2007 with valve shims right stock jetting starts fine. Bought it used reshimed valves starts perfect sometimes without choke!
  8. jaulmer

    New Head - Where to start with shim sizes

    hello, put old or new shims in tork down cam shaft assembly don't put cam sproket on. I have 2007 modle left intake stock was 1.92mm right intake 1.96. Cam shaft assembly has to be torqed down to get good reading. I used 1.72 on left intake 1.78 on right ehxaust was fine.
  9. jaulmer

    Valve shim question

    I checked my son's 150 today exhaust is fine intake i can't get a .03 mm feeler gauge in between lobe and bucket. Going to buy new shims tomorrow. Left intake shim 1.96mm right intake 1.92mm. This bike has not been raced, i did buy it used 7 months old. Previous owner had not rode it much.
  10. jaulmer

    Good slick/muddy conditions tire - ohio woods rider

    I bought a kenda millville $44. It has done as well as the dunlop that came on the bike.
  11. jaulmer

    High Octane?

    Hello people i have a 05-450x and i run 93 octane. To make it short a airplane engine like a cessna would have lycoming 4 cylinder runs on 100 low lead gas this is a very high compression engine that has a very low redline. Check your homework but detonation is the fuel mixture firing before the piston is at the top of compression stroke not the valves clattering. What you are hearing is the piston ratteling the cylinder wall. In my flight training handbook i had to learn this. hope this helps.
  12. jaulmer

    2005 Reliability

    I have 600 miles on my 05 450x. All stock opened the carb screw a little. No problems back tire is shot, i have changed oil every 100 miles honda syn and have run 1 quart in tran. Great bike.
  13. jaulmer

    450X is killing me

    Bone stock, open the screw a little on bottom of carb. Not sure of your location i live TN most riding is less than 1000ft above sea level may be jetting. My 05 450x runs fine!
  14. jaulmer

    whats the reality?

    Buy the 450x just don't twist the gas to much kids get pissed with the roost! My son has learned not to ride so close, he likes riding in front now. I have 700 miles no problems. 05 450x, 04 crf100, 04 rancher AT.
  15. jaulmer

    Oil type and Tranny level report

    Thanks for the info reconranger, I may change to dirrerent oil. My dealer sells aimsoil whats your thinking on that oil, about a dollar more. I also have a rancher AT gps the wifes ride son has crf100. thanks for the info. Sold my crf230 just before xmas and crf70. 230 is a good bike!