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  1. Did you find anyone to ride with? where? I'm in norcal but I'm looking for a non-raining place to ride any HELP?
  2. Supercross

    They need to bring back Greg Barbacovi to do the announcing.
  3. Honda's move to discontinue this bike was about as bright as them letting MC and RC go!
  4. The cam chain and tensioner are too important to trust anything but OEM stock parts.
  5. Anyone have any tips on changing the sole inserts on Alpinestars boots? I don't know what glue they use but it doesn't want to come off.
  6. Every where I search this A16 neddle comes up as the hot ticket, but the Honda # is Different. Is the correct # 16012-KCY-681 or 16012-KCY-7711 and does anyone make the same needle with a different # stamped on it? Like Sudco, DG, or XRs only.