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  1. Did you find anyone to ride with? where? I'm in norcal but I'm looking for a non-raining place to ride any HELP?
  2. Spike15

    Sick Of Carmichael

    They need to bring back Greg Barbacovi to do the announcing.
  3. Spike15

    Last 2 New XR400's in the US

    Honda's move to discontinue this bike was about as bright as them letting MC and RC go!
  4. Spike15

    Best place to buy a cam chain & tensioner?

    The cam chain and tensioner are too important to trust anything but OEM stock parts.
  5. Anyone have any tips on changing the sole inserts on Alpinestars boots? I don't know what glue they use but it doesn't want to come off.
  6. Every where I search this A16 neddle comes up as the hot ticket, but the Honda # is Different. Is the correct # 16012-KCY-681 or 16012-KCY-7711 and does anyone make the same needle with a different # stamped on it? Like Sudco, DG, or XRs only.