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  1. Dr. Mark you said that the clavicle is load bearing bone. My question is with a grade 3 separation could this cause one side of your spine to compress.
  2. Does anyone know were I could buy just this plate holder. I already have ever thing else but this holder look much better. Kenny Simpson
  3. The next time you get stopped by the police ask them if they check all the Ford pick-ups that have Off-Road on the back.
  4. Hey Eddie what is a good cdi ignition. Simpson61
  5. The spa is the steam off the exshast going threw water during high tide on south pardre island.
  6. The oil in the frame is a resivor not a cooler. And I do agree with you if the bike need it yamaha wouldve have put it on. Just like the trottle stop screw, pluged up exhast,and all the things we waste money on that yamaha's dont come with new.
  7. I would say take the o-ring to an auto parts store or a shop that rebuids hydralics and try to match the size. At the auto parts store find someone who knows parts and not just part #'s.