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  1. Thanks a million! Even though I could tell the chain is worn out, it never crossed my mind that that it would be to the point the tensioner is ineffective. Sounds like its time to order a new cam chain. That's what happens when you buy a beat up used bike. Thanks again!!
  2. Hey everyone. I'm new to tearing down 4 strokes and I'm having some issues with the cam chain tensioner on my 97 250. The book says push down on wedge A and pull up on wedge B with pliers. Then insert pin/paperclip in hole in wedge B. Wedge B is out of reach for pliers!! I've tried prying up on thing and have managed to break of the tip of my screwdriver into the cases. Now I get to dig even deeper into Tue engine then planned to get it out. Maybe I'm missing something here that you experienced guys can help me out with. Lemme know if you need any pictures of what I'm talking about can upload those tomorrow. Thanks for your help.
  3. ncdrzsm

    Stolen 450R

    Yeah we've got some leads pointing towards Morganton. Contacted the Burke County Sherrif Dept. but they are only so much help. They have more "important" things to do, like write speeding tickets. But hopefully something will come of it. Thanks to everyone keeping their eyes open for me.
  4. ncdrzsm

    Stolen 450R

    Hey everyone. If you have ever had something stolen from you you know how I feel. My 2005 Honda 450R was stolen right out of the basement of my house. I reported it to the local Sheriffs Dept. here in Caldwell County NC but there is only so much they can do. The purpose of this post is to try to get the word out on my quad with the hope that whomever stole it will try to sell it to a honest ThumperTalk member and to remind everyone out there that you may believe your machines are secure but never underestimate a thief. They broke into my basement, cut the steel cable I had my quad secured with and road it right away. Also don't be foolish like I was. With the thought in my head that something like this would never happen to me it never crossed my mind to write down the SERIAL NUMBER and keep it somewhere safe. Not having the Serial Number basically leaves you screwed, BELIEVE ME! I have learned the hard way But nothing I can do to fix that mistake now. For your own sake take extra precautions. The rough economy has people out there more desperate than ever. And please if you see this quad anywhere call the Caldwell County Sheriff's Dept @ 828-758-2324.
  5. ncdrzsm

    movin' to Hickory, NC...were to ride

    You could try out Daniel's Ridge Supercross just out of taylorsville. Its a fun track a little treacherous for the faint of heart but fun.
  6. ncdrzsm

    Best way to learn to ride a 400SM

    "brendon" hey i'm in taylorsville. 2005 drz sm. lets ride!
  7. ncdrzsm

    anybody wanna ride brushy on saturday?

    dude brushy is like one mile from my house. maybe when i get a set of dirt wheels n tires for my SM i'll head up there with ya. We used to ride up there before it was a riding area. The hunting club that leased the land at that time didn't care for that to much though.
  8. ncdrzsm

    drz400sm owner club new member

    Got my yellow and Black 05 about two weeks ago. It definetly needs more power but i'm already out handling crotch rockets through the corners. I love this bike. Go to the local harescramble races, to spectate, and everyones jaws drop and eyes on me. Does any one know if there is a open endcap for the stock exhaust available. That thing looks horrible without that nice chrome there but man does it sound good. Maybe a little to loud for main street though.
  9. ncdrzsm

    What Did you pay for your DRZ400SM?