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  1. daddydune

    Revloc Dyna Ring

    Reading the post on the Dyna Ring and wondered about starting in gear. I do a few desert races and they are dead engine starts. I tried to start with it in gear and sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Best to start in neutral, then hit it into gear but if you could fire it up in gear and save that have a second of chaining feet could make a difference. So do you think you could start the bike in second gear with a Dyna Ring?
  2. daddydune

    where to get shaved seat

    Yes my wife rides the 450x but not to it's potential. I ride a xr650r for most stuff and the 450x for track, and fun rides. The 650 is my Mex, desert bike. Both are street legal. I've opened the airbox, cut the exhause tip, changed jets, needle etc. Have not changed the pump yet. It's on my list. Put a lowering link on but only the .75" one. A fun bike and after she gets better on it, I will put the cam in, and exhause. The 450 is such a blast to ride and in the dunes it's way fun. Thanks for the info and remember "to air is human" so catch air! Dave
  3. daddydune

    where to get shaved seat

    Where can I get a cut or shaved seat for the 450X or where is a good place to get a complet seat and I can try to cut mine down. It's really for my wife and I would like to keep the stock seat for when I ride it. Suggestions on how to cut the seat and where to get a cut one or a complete covered one. Thanks.
  4. daddydune

    crf450x street legal.... (pertaining to MICHIGAN)

    Postmortal, I'm interested in the BD kit. Got photos? Thanks.
  5. daddydune

    Best Stock Exhaust Mod?? Cut or drill baffle?

    I just opened the airbox and now it sounds like I need to cut the exhaust before jetting. Also sounds like if I cut the exhause I would be at 168 main. Sound correct?