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  1. Hi all! Can somebody please give me a few tips on proper cleanup procedures after a bout of heavy, dirty, muddy trail riding. I've driven a XT 600 until recently of which the stearing neck bearing packed up sometime after I've given it a good waterdown. (If it's related, I don't know) Thanks.
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    Clutch Cable woes

    Thanks a lot! I'll give it a try.
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    Clutch Cable woes

    Hi All! I've recently bought a '97 XR 600 that's in fairly good shape with a motor that's been ovehauled from top to bottom. Currently I'm using it for commuting to and from work in heavy traffic. Due to a VERY stiff clutch cable I only regain usage of my left hand at about noon :-) I've driven a XT 600 almost 1.5 years ago so it might be that I have to get used to it again? Anyhow, how do I adjust the clutch cable to be a bit more gentle on the arm muscles? Cheers.