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  1. MotardHead

    project 475TT final supermoto pics.

    That is a true thing of beauty!! Just one question....if you knew you were going to build an SM, why didn't you start with the SM version of the DRZ?
  2. Hi all, First off, I have a 2005 DRZ400SM completely stock. If you live in Northern, VA you know we had our first major snow today. Well I rode my bike to work today and when returning to it after work it was cover in snow. I thought....no big deal. I brushed the snow off and started it up. I gave the engine plenty of time to warm up, but after running for about 3 min it died. I restarted it and it stalled again after about a min. I figured out that whenever the rpm would get somewhat low, the bike would die. So I rode home, only about six miles, with several stop lights, trying to keep the rpms mid range, but whenever I came to a stop, and the rpms dropped, it died again. Finally, when I get to the last light to turn down my street, it keeps running at a stop. Why is it doing this? I suspected maybe the airbox was frozen and the engine was choked for air and it eventualy thawed. Is that possible? Thanks for the help. Cheers!
  3. MotardHead

    Overnight Parking Outside in the Winter

    It will be started almost everyday, so that's not an issue. However, I have no way of using a battery tender because there is no where to plug one in. Is there such thing as a special winter battery I should get?
  4. MotardHead

    need help with wheelies?

    That's one hell of a load. LOL!!
  5. MotardHead

    blue to black

    Black....and put some silver decals on it to match the handguards.
  6. I have a DRZ400SM that I am going to be riding through the winter here in Virginia. My question is are there any special precautions I should be taking when parking my bike overnight? I know the temp is going to get well below freezing and unfortunately I don't have a garage to park the bike in. I have a Dowco Guarding Weatherall Plus cover I will be using, but is there anything else I should do to protect it from the cold? I am from So Cal so this cold weather thing is new to me. Thanks!
  7. MotardHead

    DRZ Bolt Torque Settings

    Does anyone know where I can find the torque setting for all the different size bolts on the DRZ? I have something similar to this for my SV650. Since Suzuki probably uses the same bolts for all their bikes, shouldn't they be the same as respective bolt sizes? Here is what I have. This came from a 2003+ SV650 shop manual. All are shown in lb-ft. Bolt Diameter---------Conventional or "4" marked------------"7" Marked 4 ---------------------------1.0------------------------------1.5 5----------------------------2.0------------------------------3.0 6----------------------------4.0------------------------------7.0 8----------------------------9.5------------------------------16.5 10---------------------------21.0-----------------------------36.0 12---------------------------32.5-----------------------------61.5 14---------------------------47.0-----------------------------97.5 16---------------------------76.0-----------------------------152.0 18---------------------------115.5----------------------------173.5 (I had to put all the dashes to keep everything spaced out )
  8. MotardHead

    getting ready to mod (wish me luck...)

    What is this intake that you speak of?
  9. I think it would look pretty cool. Might be kinda tough to keep clean though. If you do it, make sure you clean it before starting the bike or you may end up with permanant fingerprints on it.
  10. MotardHead

    new bling for the drz (carbon fiber pipe/yosh engine covers).

    What did you do with your old RS-3....wanna sell it? Oh....and it looks awesome. Are you going to post instructions on how to do it so the rest of us can give it a shot?
  11. MotardHead

    What's the best all weather tire?

    C'Mon guys....can no one help me?
  12. With the wet season approaching, I am interested in getting some new all weather tires for my DRZ400SM that will work well in wet, dry, and the occasional dirt trail and road. So I would like to ask everyone's opinion on what tires you would get based on opinion or your own experiences. The following are different tires that I think would be accessible for what I want. Some are Supermoto specific because I am riding an SM, others are standard Dualsport and sport touring style tires. The links show a picture of the tires tread pattern. All opinions are appreciated. Thanks! Avon Distanzia (Supermoto) - Tough enough for larger capacity Supermoto bikes, the Distanzia’s distinctive tread pattern is designed to provide excellent performance in both on and off-road conditions. It’s nimble through corners, stable on the straights, boasts top-class roadholding in the dry and the wet, features great traction in the dirt and gives excellent mileage. Avon Pro-Xtreme Rain (Supermoto) - Pro-Xtreme is specially formulated to give you extreme grip, combined with a reassuring sense of control, while the tread profile on the front is designed to enhance your bike’s steering ability. Two versions are available,"Race Only" for non-highway/competition use and D.O.T. legal that’s soft enough for track use yet is impressively durable on the road. This is only available in a 160 or 180. Will that be a problem? Maxxis Presa Series (Supermoto) - This tire uses the M6118 in the front and the M6119 in the rear. With a total of three compounds to choose from, the M6118's versatility speaks for itself. Kevlar belted construction ensures stability, while specially formulated race compounds maintain optimum grip in a wide range of conditions. Medium and soft compounds are DOT approved. Also only available in a 160 rear. http://www.maxxis.com/products/motorcycle/product_detail.asp?id=255 Michelin Pilot Activ (City/Sport Touring) - Up to now, improved tyre life often meant compromised performance. Thanks to the Pilot Activ's increased rubber contact with the road (5% more compared to the Macadam 50) and a new rubber mix, grip on both wet and dry roads has been improved significantly. What's more, there's virtually no difference in wet grip between a new Michelin Pilot Activ and a worn Pilot Activ. So Michelin now delivers optimum performance and safety throughout the life of the tyre... along with 20% longer tread life! Dunlop D607 (Dual Sport/Street) - New tread pattern features wide, stable, central blocks with large grooves for superb drainage, and small grooves for optimal wear. Single radius design maintains a consistent footprint at different lean angles for improved feel and progressive steering response. Two front tire constructions: The 90-series uses cross-ply technology, while the low-profile 80-series uses racing-derived aramid breaker tread reinforcement and radial casing technology. The rear tire combines Jointless Band (JLB) construction with Dunlop CTCS (Carcass Tension Control System) for enhanced cornering and wear performance, excellent high-speed stability, and exceptional tire compliance. Dunlop GT501 (Sport touring) - Successor to the K591 sport tire, the V-rated GT501 features bias-ply construction and incorporates a radial-style tread pattern for contemporary styling and a larger footprint. An optimized profile creates a larger contact patch for increased cornering confidence, with smooth side-to-side transitions. Increased tread-to-void ratio delivers superior grip in dry conditions, with no loss of grip in wet weather. Increased center tread depth provides improved wear characteristics and enhanced water clearance. Rear compound increases grip and wear resistance. Metzler Tourance (Dualsport) - Improved carcass structures for enhanced straight line stability at high speed with smooth rolling characteristics for long distance journeys. Perfect combination of long mileage capability for extended touring use and great traction also on off-road surfaces thanks to the specific all-round compound. Great grip at all lean angles with light and precise handling make riding easier in all weather conditions. Pirelli MT90 Scorpion S/T (Dualsport) - SPECIAL TREAD PATTERN with solid shoulder blocks to increase mileage and rolling comfort and to have stable cornering behaviour. OPTIMISED COMPOUND for superb wet/dry grip.BEST ON ON-ROAD PERFORMANCE can be used also on on/off tracks. Front only available in 110 and smaller. Is that a problem?
  13. MotardHead


    Can someone tell me if this kit is any good and if it would be worth purchasing. How much power gains would it give? Any general opinions on it would be appreciated. Cheers http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&rd=1,1&item=4578995364&sspagename=STRK%3AMEWA%3AIT
  14. MotardHead

    Making a street legal motard in Virginia

    Someone correct me if I am wrong, but it is exhasut tape. It helps disipate the heat off of the headers to prevent it from transfering to the engine, protects them from dirt and debris, and protect limbs from being burned.
  15. MotardHead

    Riders in Northern VA

    I am. I have a DRZ400SM.