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  1. GNCC 658

    Our New Riding Video

    Tim Farr and Doug Gust are fags?
  2. GNCC 658

    This guy is good

    i never thought of a rap song in a riding video, but that actually worked out really well
  3. GNCC 658

    Stupid Quad riders

    Oh yes, I forgot that dirtbikes dont make any noise, they dont tear up the land what so ever, and bike riders NEVER crash and get hurt. What was I thinking
  4. GNCC 658

    What exhaust for a 06 YZ250F?

    sorry did not mean to make two threads my computer is slow
  5. I can get any exhaust I want any suggestions?
  6. I can get any exhaust I want for my 2006 any suggestions?
  7. GNCC 658

    Auto clutch on two stroke?

    it seems like it would ruin the whole powerband/clutching relationship of a 2 stroke If you think about it, it seems like it would make it a ton slower simply for the fact that you would have to find a really wide open spot to even hit the powerband. Just my take on it, I may be wrong.
  8. GNCC 658

    Does Jesus ride a CRF450?

    sweet riding gear
  9. GNCC 658

    Yz250f -vs- Yfz450 drag/acceleration..

    The bike will beat it. I beat my friends Banshee repeatedly and he beats YFZ's. Not so much that the bike is more powerful, but hooks up and put the power to the ground better through 1 3" wide tire other than 2 11" wide tires. And no, it's far from being a stupid question. If anything you should feel stupid
  10. GNCC 658

    trx 450 exhaust

    It's all in what you prefer. I like the look of DMC afterburners, but another front runner is curtis sparks.
  11. GNCC 658

    kfx 400 VS. CANNONDALE Cannibal

    the updates include the ATK 450cc piston, crank and many other internal engine parts. The original dales usually didn't last long as far as the engine went, and I'm sure you notice the heaps of noises they make while operating. The new ATK's have fixed all of those problems. They also come out with Elka's replacing the ohlins/arvins on the C-dales and have Kenda tires replacing the holeshots. Of course none of this comes cheap - $10k price tag on ATK450's. They still have different versions (MX,XC) too. Like I said before, if you have any questions ask Jeff @ http://www.quadshopatv.com/. He did alot of developing and has probably more seat time and experience with Dales/ATK's that anyone. He is a factory ATK rider in the GNCC series.
  12. GNCC 658

    Powder coating....?

    Im guesssing itll be around $80 to pc the a arms. It's indestuctible too. You can send them out and have it done or just look for a local place. A good guy to send them to is Pappy over at avtriders.com
  13. GNCC 658

    What do I ask for??

    tell them your weight (with riding gear on), what type of riding you do, how hard you ride/ how experinced you are. Im about 95% sure they will ask you all of this, and probably more.