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  1. xr250ryder

    Winterizing question

    Change the oil, drain the gas out of the fuel tank, run the carb out of gas. Put the bike on a stand. Winterizing done.
  2. xr250ryder

    WR450 with YZF450 cam

    Coolio, I am getting Hotcams then
  3. xr250ryder

    WR450 with YZF450 cam

    Does your bike start fine with the e-start? I heard stories where the bike would only kick start after they installed the hotcams.
  4. xr250ryder

    Rekluse worth it?

    I see the rekluse as steroids. It makes you faster, but you don't gain any more skill. I personally love the manual on my 450. Or course I've never ridden a bike with a rekluse on it, and I don't think riding one will make me. Quick question though, is it like the automatic in my car in the sense that if i keep it pinned, it will keep up shifting?
  5. xr250ryder

    '06 WR450F vs '07 WR450F

    Are you talking the actual feel of the machine, or actual weight? I have yet to see this... or hear
  6. xr250ryder

    What did you do to your WR today?

    thanks alot, ill have to give it a shot after i get some 1000/1500 grit sandpaper
  7. xr250ryder

    What did you do to your WR today?

    Quick question, how did you go about polishing it, did you take off the clutch cover sand it off, then polish it? I want to do it to mine, but don't fully know how and yours looks nice.
  8. xr250ryder

    CRF450R to WR450?

    I haven't switched, but I guarantee you that coming from a heavily modified CRF450R to a WR450 is not going to be fun for you. Number one thing you will notice is that the WR makes nowhere near the power of the CRF, mainly because its a race bike, but also because the WR450 is not. Now there are thing you can do to give it the YZ snap, for example, YZ Cam, YZ pipe (or FMF Powercore) basically the WR pipe is all stuffed up for emissions and whatnot. Those modifications included with the free mods (assuming you read around the forum, you would know them by heart). Will make the bike close, if not right on to your CRF. Theres the truth right there.
  9. xr250ryder

    '06 WR450F vs '07 WR450F

    I haven't had the pleasure of riding one of the 07 450s, but heck my 05 feels great to me, I can turn just fine (more with the rear wheel I might add). The power is ok, I hope to get the power to my liking after winter. But even if I rode a 2007 wr450 and it felt much better, the only thing that would make me sell my 05 would have to be fuel injection, so me new WR or maybe YZ 450 will be in 2009/ 10. Thats my say on things, feel free to rip it apart.
  10. xr250ryder

    '06 WR450F vs '07 WR450F

    According to the Yamaha website, here are the dry weights for WR450F. 2008 - 248 lbs. 2007 - 246 lbs. 2006 - 249.1 lbs. 2005 - 244 lbs. 2004 - 245 lbs. 2003 - 245 lbs. So the bike that weights the least, is the 2005. but thats the bike that I have
  11. xr250ryder

    yz cdi unit comparable to wr

  12. xr250ryder

    yz cdi unit comparable to wr

    Thanks for all the help guys, I have another idea thats one step up on both the wr and yz cdi
  13. xr250ryder

    yz cdi unit comparable to wr

    I read that the WR cdi is DC so its not compatible with the YZ cdi. Thanks guys.
  14. xr250ryder

    yz cdi unit comparable to wr

    Yes, I noticed that the part numbers were different too (this is for a 05). I did some reading and it looks to me, that you can switch them and have yz mapping on the wr OR clip the grey wire and its the same. I'm trying to make my bike a race weapon thats the only reason why I want to know if I can use the YZ cdi unit, or if it doesn't matter.
  15. xr250ryder

    yz cdi unit comparable to wr

    I've searched for a while, and Still don't know the answer to this question. It's very simple. Is the wr cdi unit, with grey wire mod done the EXACT same as the yz cdi unit. If not what are the difference and will the yz cdi unit work on a wr and vice versa. Thanks in advance.