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  1. Gunner Joe

    Cyclenews WR250 write up

    Mike, You can lower the bike 1 1/2" with internal fork and rear shock mods. I am 5' 8" tall and did this with my 04 TE450. Works well for me. Gunner Joe
  2. Gunner Joe

    Husky Parts

    You may want to check this site out for parts etc. http://www.motosportz.com/ Gunner Joe
  3. Gunner Joe

    Red Sticker Confusion!!!

    Redrider, A 3 or C in the 8th position on the VIN still means it is a red sticker all others #s or letters should be green. I have seen the DMV issue the wrong type stickers several times. Gunner Joe
  4. Gunner Joe

    Who's 5'5" and has the CRF150RB?

    If you not worried about $$$$$$$$$$ check out the junior x by service honda Gunner Joe
  5. Gunner Joe

    04 te 250

    My son used to ride an 04 TE 250. I had the valve issues but replaced them before any major damage could happen. I think the bike was great The only reason I sold it was my son moved up to a TC 450. My friend brought the bike for his son and it is still running strong:applause: Gunner Joe
  6. Gunner Joe

    Ever Ride A 125wr In The Desert?

    My 14 year old rides a black 04 Husky 125 in the desert and rips with the best of them:thumbsup:
  7. GP in San Diego Just un-crated some new bikes today! Seen some TE 450s and 510s:ride:
  8. Gunner Joe

    Husky's fully greased from factory?

    Ensure you grease the steering neck bearings. On several of my new bikes the factory seemed to have gone a little light in this area. Gunner Joe
  9. Gunner Joe

    Monkey Butt

    GUTS soft on my 04 TE 450 and my son's 04 TC 450. Much better then stock. If you send your seat to Jamie and $10 (?) shipping; they will install the foam for you. Gunner Joe
  10. Gunner Joe

    WR250 Thread?

    I have been riding my 04 WR250 in SOCAL at sea level. It has a FMF Gnarly pipe and silencer on it. Anyone have a recommendation on the best jetting set up for these conditions? Thanks, Gunner Joe
  11. Gunner Joe

    So Cal dealer lists OTD prices??

    GP in San Diego has some left over 04s and marked down 05s.
  12. Gunner Joe

    04 CR125??? anyone ride one?

    If anyone is interested I have an extra Husky CR 125 <20hrs on the bike with PRO-T bars I am willing to part with for $2900.00. I live in SO CAL. Thanks, Joe