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    Small motard for street?

    Hey all, I'm looking for a small bike for tooling around town. It seems other than the Ninja250/500, nobody makes a small, sporty bike except for the few dual-sports and the DRZ400SM. I'm not interested in a standard/cruiser. And, not real interested in a bike larger than 500cc (I want high mpg, lower insurance, etc). Can anybody tell me if any of them have aftermarket tanks available? Only the DR200SE seems to have a usable sized tank (3 gallons). The XT225 is 2.3 and the KLX250S is 1.9 (yikes, that's tiny). Even the DRZ400 has only 2.6 gallons. And can somebody ballpark the cost of getting wheels built? I'd probably use the stock hubs, relaced with new rims on both ends, and some decent tires. Thanks.