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  1. It was worth it, i got it for like 175, opened up bottom end a little. No differences that i could feel at all. Its out of the bike though now.
  2. I had this on my 05, ran fine the whole summer and it sat for 3 months and the bike wouldnt start. All it would do is backfire, i installed the stock CDI box and the bike starts and runs fine, mustve went bad?
  3. Got it running, put a 48 pilot in and no go. Then i took out my aftermarket JD ignition box and put in my stock one and it started up fine and runs great now. guessing the ignition timing was bad.
  4. How can i adjust the fuel screw if it dont start though. I think im just gonna buy some bigger pilots and see how itll work.
  5. 1. 2005 husky tc250 2. 425ft, 40% around 30 degrees F 3. pipe and jd ignition 4. 178 main, 45 pilot fuel screw 3 turns out 5. Bike is very hard to start cold 6. Once warmed up it is easy to start. Starts up when it wants to, sometimes wont even start just acts like it wants to then stops or will backfire on me. Once started the bike runs great though. The bike has been sitting for 4 months about but i cleaned everything a few nights ago.
  6. 2-stroker

    2005 Tc250 not starting

    Ok, so i cleaned my jets and float bowl also adjusted my fuel screw. Its only 2 turns out was like 4 or so before. The bike started up fine and ran good, only ran a float bowl full of gas because i was short on time. I guess that was the problem.
  7. 2-stroker

    2005 Tc250 not starting

    i have one, but it was a little too small, never got to new one yet.
  8. 2-stroker

    2005 Tc250 not starting

    Ok, so i go back to start it and it doesnt. I try using some fuel through the intake again and it almost did then shot a big ass flame from the exhaust. Im guessing i need to clean the jets.
  9. 2-stroker

    2005 Tc250 not starting

    Got it running, cleaned out the float bowls and tank. Then used a little spray bottle of gas thru the intake with the filter off to get it going and it started. was idiling good, had to shut it off though because i didnt want my neighbors getting pissing on christmas.
  10. 2-stroker

    2005 Tc250 not starting

    It was charging and now cranks good. Ill try and get to the carb saturday if i have time.
  11. 2-stroker

    2005 Tc250 not starting

    I just bought a new battery for my tc250 and it was cranking good until i took the plug out to check for spark. I cranked it for maybe 2 sec. then it didnt crank at all. So i was bump starting it and it just started to crank when i pressed the button but not quick enough to start, now its charging. Well, i almost got it to start, it would run then i would slow down and itd shut off, it would also shut off when i put it back in neutral. Im guessing it is fuel, so the carb must need to be cleaned since its been sitting for around 4 months with old fuel. It would run for a little, or it would just back fire. So should i adjust anything on the carb or just clean it and get some new fuel?
  12. 2-stroker

    gaerne - pronounciation

    i used to call it geerneh now i dont call it anything..
  13. 2-stroker

    Who has the nicest Husqvarna?

    Pre Crash: Post: still a little dirty
  14. 2-stroker

    NEW (to me) BIKE!!

    looks slo...
  15. 2-stroker

    E-Batt report

    dam everyone on here lives on that side. im on the east side south of reading like 20 miles.i actually got my battery cranking ok, i plugged it in cranked it till its dead then fully charged it and it cranked ok, my batter is lookin trashed tho