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  1. well I got the backing plate off I just used a plastic hammer and hit it from the other side and it came right out. I still could not see how to remove the spring seal that is in there. I have bought the new part and wanted to put it in. If someone knows how to do replace this part let me know for the next time I do this (from the sounds of things its a somewhat routine job). I RTVed the seal, greased the engine cover gasket so I can remove it again without replacing the gasket. I will wait 24+ hours The hopefully I can start riding again
  2. I finally got my new gaskets. How do you remove the backing plate. I was afraid to pry on it too much. I have the side cover off and the impeller out. I bought a new ceramic seal and the spring deal, which I can not figure out how to get out either. It seems like its pressed in, but I got nervous prying too hard.
  3. Hi. I have seen all the posts on what appears to be a common issue with the DRZ, a water pump leak. Mine is leaking real bad to where I can no longer ride it. I have removed the outer housing, but I can not see how to pull the impeller off. I have tried pulling it off, but am afraid of damaging it. The part that apears to be leaking is the plate that is between the impeller and the block, if I get get to it I think I can repair the gasket. Thanks!