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  1. Roscoe

    606 tire pressure ?

    For somewhat sandy trails I've had good results running 13 in the front, 14 in the rear. I do have rimlocks too...... Roscoe
  2. Roscoe

    Worn/Burned Rear Brake Line

    Update: Installed the Moose SS line made by Venhill purchased thru the TT store. Good quality, mounted up nice and definitely a better setup than stock. The stock hose frankly just seems a bit too long making for a loop more excessive than necessary causing it to hit under hard compression of shock onto the underside of the exhaust. At least on my 2002 "S". After 100 miles of solid trail riding no issues and MUCH better braking feel. The brake lever has a firmer action and easier to control . Roscoe
  3. Roscoe

    2008 drz-400s tire help

    Sean, I've been running the Dunlop 606's since 2002. Usually about 10% street, 90% trail. Have had good luck with them, about 1800 miles a set until get real loose in the dirt. Could go a bit more if just dirt tracking on fireroads getting all loosey like a dirt tracker. I did finally figure out that for sandy conditions they worked a lot better at 13psi front, 14 psi rear. Please note however that I do have rimlocks installed so not worried about spinning a tire on the rim at these somewhat low pressures. The lower pressures do make a huge difference in sand. Good luck and have fun.
  4. Roscoe

    Worn/Burned Rear Brake Line

    The odd part is that nothing has changed in the routing that I can see, hoping it is just a function of time not something else. Hard to believe it's a suspension problem as it handles as good, if not better, than before I added some preload & compression damping. Any suggestions on a good rear SS brake line for a 2002 S model before I hit the TT store? I recall seeing a reference to Moose brand fits a bit better than the Galfer, but now can't find post to confirm . I'd be looking for the type of a SS line with the clear coat protective outer so don't have abrasion problems. I have seen some guys turn a SS line into a moving file. Thanks!
  5. After 9,000+ miles of trail riding since 2002 on my '02 S, I noticed that my rear brake line has a worn/burned flat spot on the outer rubber protective hose piece that surrounds the actual brake line. It looks like the looped section of the line right by the rear shock is hitting the exhaust when the suspension is compressed. The brake line is now exposed, not damaged but not good if continues. I checked the rider sag thinking perhaps it had backed off over time. It measured out at 97mm so reset to 90mm as well as added two clicks of low speed compression damping to the shock (from 10 clicks to 8 ccw from full firm/slow damping). Took a test ride over my favorite loop with a piece of white tape on the hose and it still is showing marks of hitting the exhaust. The bike handled great, better than before which wasn't that bad to begin with! The search function showed one person may have had a similar experience a couple years ago but no real discussion of possible causes. The two white nylon clips are still on the swingarm holding the hose in pace. Any thoughts? Do you think it is just a function of miles run and the line has always been making contact upon compression? Would you just replace the line or is there some cause of this I need to correct first? Thank you,
  6. Roscoe

    Anyone Use Heated Gear on DRZ-s?

    Hopefully this is still on subject, been curious on adding heat too but never sure about how much we could do with the drz. Would be interested in some info on heated glove liners. Is there a preferred brand, or website, I should be checking out? Thanks!!
  7. Roscoe


    Yep, if you're looking at the back of your left hand (need to give how-to-use-hand-as-map directions to the non-believers) I'm up at the tip of your ring finger...that's the one to the left of the "you're #1" finger Roscoe
  8. Roscoe

    Foot Pegs

    Ditto!! Good call CO-DRZ....
  9. Roscoe

    Dunlop 606's -- MSR Heavy Duty Tubes -- Correct Size?

    Johnnie- I think you've got it figured out that a 19" tire won't fit our 18" rear wheels but to ease your mind..... I'm on my 3rd set of Dunlop D606's and love them. Run 90% dirt, 10% street to get to trails. Front is 90/90-21 with 21" Bridgestone Ultra Heavy Duty tube. That 80/100-21 may be a bit narrow footprint in my opinion. Rear is 120/90-18 with 18" Bridgestone Ultra Heavy Duty tube. I too was concerned about exact size specs for the tubes until the guys at Baja Designs said I simply needed a 21" for front & an 18" for rear. For what it's worth, the guys at my local shop commented they were impressed with the thickness of these tubes. I went 1-step further and added a rimlock to both the front & rear for peace of mind when out deep in the boonies . Roscoe
  10. Roscoe

    Sproket recommendations....

    Yes, a noticable difference. I can now run in 2nd gear on trails I used to use have to use 1st. It seems like I'm in a good sweet spot rpm wise on most trails, especially where 1st seemed to low and 2nd not low enough. Also, not a problem at anything close to legal top end (i.e.-"allegedly" 65 in a 55. Have punched it up to an indicated 80 mph before backing off. Roscoe
  11. Roscoe

    Sproket recommendations....

    I have had good luck with 15/47 gearing riding tight, wooded single track as well as wide open 2-track cruisers here in northern Michigan. Seems to be a good compromise for 1st & 2nd gear trail riding as well as faster fireroad blasts. The good news is that 15/47 works with the stock chain length too. Roscoe
  12. Roscoe

    Which footpegs to go ?! Fastway or IMS Pro ?

    Got my IMS SS pegs part #49-8648 from Dennis Kirk for $75.99 plus $6 flat fee ups shipping. Got them in 2 days. Nice pegs, seemed a bit pricey since really just a hunk of metal but no regrets. Rather comfy actually on the ol' dogs for full days of riding. Roscoe
  13. Roscoe

    to whom it may concern.........

    I've been praying to the motorcycle gods for many years.....then one answered........... and he goes by the name "Burned".... hail to the chief... . Good luck with your new position, change is opportunity . Roscoe
  14. Roscoe

    My bike's getting thrashed

    HZRDOS - Am I seeing it correct that the BigDR bar risers & Jimmy Buttons bar mount up ok with the stock cables and controls? Thanks.
  15. Roscoe

    Changed sprockets today cs nut not tight

    Paul- I noticed the exact same thing 2 days ago regarding the loose CS sprocket nut. As advised here, I cleaned up the threads, re-torqued to the factory service manual spec of 79 lbs-ft (not to mess with your head on the 60) and used the stronger RED loctite. I do think the red versus the normal medium strength blue loctite is important. Bent the locking tab back with a screwdriver and let set overnight. I'm heading out for a little afternoon trail ride in a few minutes, (you know "I gotta test it" reasoning/excuse). It still baffles me how it came loose in the first place . Every other Suzuki I've ever had it took an impact driver to get CS nut off!! Roscoe