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  1. Looks like they are blowing them out and it's not even June yet. Definitely a bargain bike
  2. LOL!!!!
  4. $75 and with the new seals you ar egood to go
  5. I spazed out and scratched up the damper rod on the airside when servicing. You can get a replacement from sdi suspension direct
  6. its got nothing to do with the fluid used in the clutch because the slaves are failing at ~20 hours or 12 months of ownership, long before anyone serviced their units. For whatever reason, the failure is only on certain models. That said, RE the fluids, if the system is specced for mineral oil, then thats what you should run. If the unit is specced for brake fluid, then you cant run mineral oil- a few people tried doing that and the master cylinder failed instantly- not because it was bad, but because its not supposed to be compatible with oil.
  7. i have a 2017 FC450, the major weight savings are in the header. The complete Ti FMF 4.1 system was 3lbs lighter than the complete stock setup; however, that was without the insert installed. the biggest reason for me buying the FMF was because it is a 3-piece and i thought it would make taking the shock off the bike easier, LOL.
  8. All- I am rebuilding a shock from a 2017 Husky 450, i need two o-rings, one for the bleed bold and the other for the floating piston reservoir. Does anyone know the sizes? or part numbers to source? thanks, Bruce
  9. The only issue is the magura slave, it's setup for an oring, yet doesn't come with one so you can get an oil leak. No reports of any problems on the 2 stroke so far. The master cylinder is fine
  10. People are nuts, it only needs a couple of extra holes in the side panel.
  11. Yes, mine did that also so the dealer fitted a 32mm o ring. That said, the Oberon is a better design and the stock magura will fail. Just order the Oberon and get on with your life.
  12. It looks real close to this one, but part number for replacement is one digit off
  13. Steve, that's the same slave as the one on out husky 125
  14. There are no recalls on clutches that I am aware of. Mine went out on my fc450 so I put the Oberon on....wonderinf if I should preemptively do this on our tc125 also