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  1. sandman76513

    Trick Dual Sport Installed

    Got the WR plated today, now it is street legal...revised title should arrive in about 4 weeks
  2. sandman76513

    2006 WR450 tank graphics

    ONE Industries has them, or at least had them....I put them on mine for over a year ago. And a set for the 04-05 YZ450 works as well.
  3. sandman76513

    Trick Dual Sport Installed

    It looks like I don't have those pictures saved of the WR kit using the stock headlight. I'll take some pics of mine tomorrow in the daylight and post them, you'll be able to see how I mounted the rear flush mount signals.
  4. sandman76513

    Trick Dual Sport Installed

    I'm not sure what year WR's come stock like this, maybe the 04 and newer?? My stock headlight already had a hi/low beam headlight, just did not have the ability to toggle between the two. Additionally, my bike had a dual filament bulb in the tail light allowing for both the taillight and brake light, just didn't have the pressure switch to activate the brake light. With the kit comes the TDS control unit (in my case mounted to my stock headlight assembly), a horn, front turn signals with mounting brackets, handlebar switch, rear brake master cylinder pressure switch, wiring harness, and rear flush mount turn signals (I chose flushmounts, you can also get the t/s as used on the front if your like - I didn't want the Mickey Mouse ears look). The kit also comes with great instructions, zip ties and tubing to heat shrink around your connections for a water tight seal. I have some pics I'll post of the bike Dale did for Malcolm's shop showing the headlight set-up. You can save a few bucks by using your stock headlight (as long as it has hi/low beam bulb). I'm with you on the looks of UFO headlight assembly, but it works too.
  5. sandman76513

    Trick Dual Sport Installed

    Just installed one of Dale's kits on my 06 WR. Wanted to use my stock headlight so after discussing this with him I learned that he had already done the set-up on a new WR450 for Malcolm Smith's Yamaha shop, all he needed was for me to send him my stock headlight assembly. Turn around time was extremely fast, in and out of Dale's shop the same day, can't beat that. The install took me about 3 hours, I figure if I were to do it again I could do it in two. Now I need to fab up a plate holder and plate light and it's off to get it inspected. I figure if all goes well I will have a plate on it by next weekend. Highly recommend a Trick Dual Sport to anyone considering dual-sporting their WR.
  6. sandman76513

    2006 WR450F - odometer accuracy?

    Sounds like yours may be off a bit, check the manual and verify your settings.
  7. sandman76513

    Using fat bars on 06 WR450

    Exactly what I did, works great.
  8. sandman76513

    info needed on 05/06 wr450 frame

    MntMan, Correct, no frames in the US but that part is shown to be only available as direct ship from Japan at this time...it will not take long to get it here. I often have direct ship parts from Japan get to my shop faster than parts coming from one of the three other US warehouses. Parts from Japan ship FEDEX whereas those coming out of CA, GA or WI warehouses ship UPS. The prefix indicates the bike for which the frame is intended. With Yamaha the 5 digits identify the part common name such as "frame", so they will use that #21101 on frames, though there are some that use 21110 as the common 5 digits as well. The ending digits will indicate any revisions or even supercessions. All FYI in case you were wondering. Rick
  9. sandman76513

    A question for the little guys

    Modifying the suspension via a new link is one choice, then slide the fork tubes up in the fork clamps a bit. Another thing to consider is changing out the springs front and back, from the factory the 06 WR is set up for a 180 pound rider...at 140 lbs you are not compressing the suspension much when you straddle the bike. You also should adjust the sag for your weight.
  10. sandman76513

    Handlebar Clamps for 06 WR450

    Here are the Yamaha parts numbers that will allow you to replace your 7/8 inch bar with a fat bar (1&1/8 inch): 5XC-23441-90-00; Holder handle upper, order 2 each 5XC-23442-90-00; Holder handle lower, order 2 each You can re-use the nuts, washers and bolts from your existing set-up.
  11. sandman76513

    Skid Plate Suggestions

    I am running the Yamaha GYTR skid plate on mine, it is a direct bolt-on with no hangers or loops to mess with.
  12. sandman76513

    Hot Start Cable

    Have had issues with mine coming loose, but it has not stripped out. Course that is only a matter of time if it continues to loosen and require re-tightening...I'm going to check out this ZIPTY nut.
  13. sandman76513

    is 05 wr450 the best yet?

    I've got the 06 and have ridden the 04, you can't feel the extra weight. Yamaha did a great job of hiding those pounds down low I guess. The bike's slimmer and a bit shorter, and the power hits quicker and harder. But then the 04 was still running stock jetting and stock pipe, mine isn't.
  14. sandman76513

    How Many Central Texas Folks Here

    Keith, have you gotten many direct responses? How many riders are coming this way and have we got a tentative date set yet?
  15. sandman76513

    How Many Central Texas Folks Here

    Absolutely...the new trails out there are amazing. The way they allow you to ride the entire loop or just a portion of is great. Linking the old trails with the newly cut trails has cut down on wasted real estate out there. It has taken some head scratchin', a stubby pencil and a worn out eraser but we've been able to make it work....and the best part is, as good as the trails are now they will be even better once the loops through Rattlesnake Pass, Enchanted Forest and Jack Rabbit have been completed. Gotta love those names...