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  1. moto_mandrz

    jetting help

    yes its the fmf kit for the 400sm.
  2. moto_mandrz

    jetting help

    155 main jet 25(stock) pilot jet 3.5 turns out e clip at position 3, full yoshimura rs-3 with the spark arrestor out, airbox mod and a twin-air filter. i live at asround 50-100 above sea level. after all that stuff it rips but it pops and sputters/sugres at constant throttle in the upper gears.
  3. moto_mandrz

    jetting help

    yes i followed all the directions to the t. when in midrange rpm at a steady throttle is when it sputters. when its all the way open or at low rpms in any gear it doesnt sputter. any ideas?
  4. moto_mandrz

    jetting help

    heres the deal i put my yoshimura rs-3 my filter and my fmf jet kit , my 400sm rocks out now. it doubled the bottom end power but now in the morning or when the engine is cold it doesnt want to start easily and while cruising steady throttle at 70-75 mph it sputters and surges. I followed fmf's directions to the fullest extent, anyone got a guess of what it could be?
  5. moto_mandrz

    Anyone running there DRZ400s motor stock?

    does anyone know were i can find like a 40 rear sprocket i wasnt a little more top end out of my 400