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  1. If that was all that happened, you have a fuel problem. Don't run your bike lean like that. It can cause same major damage. Pull off the fuel line. Run a little fuel through the tank to make sure it isn't clogged Check the fuel line you just put on. It may have gotten damaged when you put in on. pull off the carb bowl and try to run fuel through the carb. a peace of the old hose or gunk may have fallen into the carb and clogged it. You should have some fuel in the bowl when you pull it off. if not, it is most likely clogged. you can pull the carb out and do the normal clean and unclog with the air compressor. just use you judgement with the air; don't use pressure that will mess up a seal. Please post how it turns out
  2. wolfofstone

    What will you replace your DR-Z with?

    1 Street legal KX450f. I just the ride and feel of a track bike. I don't care for comfort that much; I feel more fulfilled from my ride if I am all tore up. 8k for a bike and 3k in acc puts it a little out of my range right now. 2 ktm 450 exc Like it and it is as close as a track bike I can get on the street without doing some major overhauling.