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  1. Umm yeah i do know what virginia red clay is we have the same stuff here in nc and i know one thing if you dont get if off it stains like a mother but you already know that. And umm ok maybe not 7000 but i just gave 6 for my 07 and their is no way i would let it look that bad!
  2. Nope i just think is stupid to buy a 7 thousand dollar dirt bike and not wash it. It makes a bike look old quik but whatever to each his own!
  3. Is your bike dirty like that all the time yz250frider1322?? No way would i post pictures of my bike if it looked like that it makes yamaha's look bad when you post pictures like that!
  4. Anybody have some insite on this!!
  5. Hey guys i was doing some reading about a pipe and i like how everyone was talkiong about the pipe but i couldent find a place to buy it other than M4's web site is their anyware else i can buy this pipe. Thanks
  6. Well basicly the 2007 yz250f is like the best bike ever made if you ask me becuase yamaha's motor has been proven thruout the years and now they finally got the handleing right and trust me its awsome. But if you dont go with 07 the 06 is great too just doesnt handle as good and the little older 03's are really great too. If it says yamaha on it then you know it will be good and will be reliable.
  7. i was planing on putting a pro curcuit t-4 on it so i am glade to here that it fit. Anyone else try any other pipes?
  8. Hey guys i was wondering if the o6 model pipes will fit the 07 i just got my white 07 and the stock pipe has to go also does anyone make a glide plate for these bikes cuz i dont think the 06 plate will fit.
  9. yeah seem to have the same problem around here when you need parts they always have to order man that drives me up the wall!
  10. Get a ready racing reuseable steel filter very nice product!!! They run about 60-80 i think but well worth it!
  11. How much is the sunoco race gas???
  12. Well i bought some just to try it and it helped throttle response and made it pull harder and longer thru the rev range! So again which brand is best!!!!!
  13. Hey guys what do you think is the best octane booster to use i just used some pj1 octane booster but wanted to see what you guys likie to use! Race fuel and av gas is too expensive so some input would be nice!
  14. By the time you spend the money on the yz to make it like a wr you might as well just wait till you can find a good deal on a wr and get it. You can always find deals just ask all the guys on here they will tell you the same. But if you are stuck on a yz then just set the sag for your weight and height lower the forks in the triple clamp and gear it like a 13/51 thats what i run and it does great in the tight woods.
  15. You might want to check your rear wheel bearings and your swingarm bearings!