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  1. lmfao.. so does the "silly cone" help? if it does im defiently doin that instead of the anti-vib inserts, but what bout installing hand guards with ur bars plum full of silicon?
  2. i just figured id fill the entire bar... but u hav a good point, maybe fill the middle with expanding foam and the ends with silicon but i was just gonna stuff it pulm full
  3. i thank im actaully gonna try this, beats the $56 anti-vib inserts that fasst co sells, defiently cant hurt anythang
  4. why would u do expanding foam, i thank the man knew what he ment and i thank that silicone would actually help, kinda like a oil filled dampener on a bow, i say try it with a set of cheap bars, in theory it works, go out on a limb and test it and let us know, cause all the "anti-vibration inserts" on the market are alot more than a tube of silicone
  5. i was thankin maybe the pirelli scorpion for dual sport
  6. all rite yall...thanks for the reply' about what is the general maintenance schedule?
  7. hay yall, after readina thread on valves i was wondering if the ktm valves are any problems, im lookin to get a 525xc pretty soon and just wonderin in the valve maintance is anythang more than just rutine?
  8. i no, i wasnt nessicarily referring to this subject, its a yes or no question, but i guess i just ment in general, and i no i cant spell, or use puncuation properlly..
  9. seaching isnt as cool, i say post a new thread to see new ideas.. but yeah bout the shifting, i use the clutch bout 50/50 just depends for me...
  10. lets see, u could polish ur spokes.... lol i say set up ur "cockpit' like the fella above said
  11. i try to stand when the trail is ruff, esp when crossing logs, and up hills and in deep water, cause the other day i got my but wet when the water hit the seat... but in turns i sit... and on roads..
  12. yeah standing is a lifesaver, easier to move body weight if u've already taken care of the standing up step... plus the pull on the bars to get up will normally mess u up..
  13. i ride dirt bikes and 4 wheelers, but the 4 wheelers are for work, huntin and muddin, not racin quads, those suck.
  14. lets see, i ride in a hanes t-shirt, a under armour hat, cinch jeans, and muck boots, lmao, yeah ima redneck, but im bout to getta thor senitnel chest protector, and a thor helmet... lmao i no im gonna get flamed for this one...
  15. im with enduro4231 on this one, i like power, and u'll most likely grow to love it, and that the thing u can grow into the 450, but i doubt u'll ever grow out of it. unlike the 250 which ull get used to and decide to bump up later, just my 2 cents