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  1. yall make is sound like i dont know anything about these bikes yes i know these bikes have a tremendous amount of power i know that front end will come up in a split second using front brake... yes in motocross front brake-back brake 70%-30% im doing my homework on all of this i dont plan on going out there and trying to pull stunts the first day i dont plan on going fast or any of this i will be taking driving courses and will be wearing full out leathers/riding gear
  2. i'm actually looking more towards the supersports i like going fast and im probably gunna be doing some stunt work not pro. but just messing around having fun i really like the design of the cbr600rr so i think im gunna go with the cbr600rr i would go for the cbr1000rr but im just starting out on streetbikes and i dont want to push it too much now any suggestions on the cbr600rr as far as year models and prices...
  3. Alrighty guys and gals ima be getting a street bike soon... hopefully ive been riding dirt bikes for almost 3-4 years now so i've go that down purdy good im looking at what bike i should get im thinking i want something like a CBR600RR or some bike wit similar design as the ^^^ i just wanted some suggestions on year models and different models of streetbikes im gunna be buying a used bike im not rich or anything so i can't just buy whatever i want lol so anyone wanna help me out some??
  4. he tried the triple, over shot that and wrecked. then the next time around he was just doubling it and came in with too much speed and cased the triple.. thats how u do something like that.
  5. chhheeckkk it out!! I am in the ORANGE/WHITE gear ------------- zak is in the BLACK/NEON gear
  6. here are a few of my latest ones. this was at Del Valle and was my first time to throw it flat and inverted i like how the front wheel is straight with the camera. looks cool =]
  7. ehh last time i did that bmx stuff.... well i broke my leg haha. wasn't too fun.
  8. ewww ewww my turn. ahh here we are. got a few pics of mine. JUST PUT THA NEW GRAPHICS ON
  9. i just got my new graphics put on last night. i threw my seat back on there like it is now and took a few pics. my dad is going to put my all black seat cover on tonight.
  10. stand up more. your sitting down too much.
  11. awesome vid!
  12. aww dude. those are discusting! like that one of ur big toe ?!?! &%$#@!?!?! i say get a needle and pop that sucker haha
  14. prett cool
  15. haha the kid on the Honda CR85 #110 is my friend Dylan Pemberton. He is a lil speed demon. he is crazy. he's REALLY REALLY FAST and he has absolutely NO FEAR! CRAZY!