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  1. dynamohm

    08 450 Recall?

    Got my letter in the mail yesterday. It states your 2008 rmz 450 falls under the recall to have the center cases replaced at your nearest suzuki dealer free of charge. I think it said it must be brought in by September.I think I'll have it done in July while I'm out of town for a week.
  2. dynamohm

    08 rmz

    I guess I should have mentioned that he is the only one there with one
  3. dynamohm

    08 rmz

    My son has been to 3 different tracks for weekend racing since he got his 3 weeks ago. They have been in South Georgia and North Florida. He loves the bike and everyone else who has tried it says it feels like a 250f with a 450 motor.
  4. dynamohm

    Bad News!!! 2008 Rmz 450!!!

    According to the dealer that sponsers my son, one of the biggest dealers in the southeast. He said he was going to get 8 then they said they could only he could only get 4. Last week 1 showed up and they said that's it for quite some time. We got his only one. It's pretty sweet I just hpoe it doesn't have any serious problems. He said he called the rep and they could not give him a straight answer why no mome are being shipped.
  5. dynamohm

    does any one in the states have 08 rmz 450

    Bought my son one today. We took it to our practice track to break it in for a couple of hours. He said it was as fast as his modded out 06 but he never wound it all the way up. He noticed that the traction from the lineiar powerband was awsome and the front wheel just wanted to climb. I guess it's better than spinning your rear wheel from a hard hit of power. We are going to race it tommorrow will let you know how it goes. Oh yea the said the front end was pushing a little through the inside line, THe forks were almost to the top of the triple clamps from the dealer. I'll raise them before practice, that should straighten it out.
  6. dynamohm

    07 rmz450 backfire on decel?

    Check your intake manifold mine had the same symptoms seemed like it was lean. I went to replace the pilot jet only to notice a little play in the manifold. Sure enough it was cracked. Got a new one on order hope it fixes it.
  7. dynamohm

    backfiring on acceleration Rich or lean?

    Just found the problem, I haven't had time to work on it lately. I was going to replace the pilot jet and while pulling off the carb I noticed a little play in the intake boot. Sure enough it was cracked. Funny that's one of the first things I checked, seemed tight at the time. Oh well thanks for all the suggestions
  8. My 06 rmz450 pops or backfires when I get on the gas after letting off the throttle. It does it most after hitting a jump face then nailing the gas when landing. It doesn't do it if the bike is being bogged, only when riding hard. I have check the following; Exhaust for cracks or leaks Valve clearance and timing Installed new sparkplug Cleaned carb checked all jets made sure air filter didn't have to much oil. Also the bike doesn't idle real smooth. This pretty much started to happen after I replaced the piston. Any ideas is it running rich or lean I cannot tell from the plug
  9. My brother had a early to mid eighties 500cc Cagiva motocrosser. From what I remember it would blow the doors off my RMZ450. When you finally got the rear tire to hookup the bike would not move, just the earth spun faster. Good thing because it didn't turn or stop worth a s**t
  10. dynamohm

    06 rmz450 jetting

    No I left the carb on the intake boot and pulled the subframe back with the carb attached so I had enough clearance to pull the head
  11. I just replaced the piston and timing chain in my 06 rmz450 and it is running lean, hard to start, popping and backfiring when letting off on gas, wont idle properly. The bike runs great mid to WOT. I checked for any kind of vacuum leak the carb is sealed properly. I doubled checked the cam timing OK. The bike ran good before I took it apart. Maybe a piece of dirt got in the carb. Before I pull the carb would anybody know the recommended jetting/ air screw setting/ needle setting/ incase I find no dirt I have some where to start. Bike is ridden at sea level in Florida it has a FMF megabomb Header and FMF muffler. Many thanks in advance, Chris
  12. Hey Guys, Is there anyone coming down from upstate NY to Florida for the Winter Ams who could pick up a bike for me in upstate NY. I will pick it up from you at Gatorback or Reddick. Will gladly pay for your inconvienience. Please call anytime at 904-534-2224 and I'll let you know where the bike is to be picked up. Thanks, Chris
  13. dynamohm

    Broken clutch plates

    Can an extra plate from an 07 be used?
  14. dynamohm

    Copper/Bronze Metal in Engine Oil

    You don't need pullers the cases come right apart. You will need crankshaft, bearings, seals and gasket set.