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  1. Yea, a couple years ago I bonked hard towards the end of a pretty big ride. It was just what was described, I added a bladder backpack (off brand camel back) along with my drink bottle, and started carrying a brand of natural bar thing called protein puck, kind of tastes like something you'd feed horses but they came pretty highly recommended. I also tried to develop a pace I could maintain when the ride was going to be longer than normal. So far so good, of course I haven't ridden since around Thanksgiving! Hey it's been snowing tons in Tahoe!
  2. Real quick question to the group, I just use Gatorade diluted with ice at about a 1:1 ratio. I've heard that there are better sport drinks out there now and was wondering what you all use to not bonk?
  3. Last summer I tried to learn how not to bonk, did a decent job of it, got a little better then the previous year. Great video AP! Always enjoy your videos.
  4. This race may have put AP23 in a bad way for the championship, 16 points may be tough to make up, Hill and Shane will have to both make a serious mistake.
  5. Why does it seem that the red plates are heavier?
  6. Fry, what happened to the aviator? Is there something I need to do to get it back?
  7. Kawi sweep tonight! I think KRoc was in Eli's head.
  8. Damn, I had JA in my top 5, lost me some points.
  9. I thought it looked like RD landed on the left side of the bike, so it's interesting that the throttle tube broke.
  10. I thinking he'll qualify for the main, and maybe pull a top 15, maybe run top 10 but not finish there.
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