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    SR500 Stalling

    Thanks JYD. The bike is stock with stock exhaust and no modifications to the carb or intake box. I checked the accelerator pump while carb was off to clean. Diaphragm(s) are all good. All the jets are clear. Bike was running great before this problem suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I still think something wrong with the ignition signal.
  2. LarryDReed

    SR500 Stalling

    My 80 SR500 Yamaha has picked up a stalling phenomenon when the throttle is rolled on. It starts well and idles smoothly. Under power, the engine stalls when the throttle is rolled on, but will smooth out if the thottle is retarded. It's as if the ingnition is turned off and on, except there is never any backfire. I have taken down the carbureator and it is clean. The spark plug has been changed (no evidence of lean or rich mixture). I'm thinking something to do with timing advance mechanism or other spark control. HELP!