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  1. nmdeselle

    TM40 help

    Very helpful. Thanks
  2. nmdeselle

    TM40 help

  3. nmdeselle

    TM40 help

    More info.... Bike won't start well with the choke on but will with it off. Idles good and I let it warm up and set the idle mix screw. Definitely had it too far out. If I crack the throttle it dies. If I put the choke on it revs up the idle and I can throttle it all I want. Ideas?
  4. nmdeselle

    TM40 help

    Hey guys, Been a long long time since I have visited here. I have a 2006 DR650 that I put a TM40 on from Jesse about 4 years ago. I rode it a bit and it was great but it has been sitting for a few years now. I got it started but it ran really lean so I figured it needed a cleaning. I pulled it off and cleaned it. The pump that works off the throttle cam was stuck and is free now. All the ports seem clear. It is hard to start and once it starts, it will die at the first blip of throttle. The air box top is open, it has the FMF oversized header and the GSXR650 can. It ran great a few years ago but I'm not sure where to start now. I forgot to add that I backed the idle screw all the way out to clean it and put it back in where I thought it was 2.5 turns out?? Also it has a couple of washers and an oring on the end. Hope I got that right. Any help is always appreciated, Nathan
  5. nmdeselle

    Stock Seat or cover or ??

    Anyone have a stock seat for sale? I am at 41K on my 2006 DR650 and the Texas sun finally destroyed it. I have been looking for a new cover but nave not found a stock one. Of course I don't want to spend a lot. Just fishing for ideas.... Thanks, Nathan
  6. nmdeselle

    You ride a Suzuki, What's your job? (NOW WITH PICS)

    Manufacturing Supervisor for a Material Handling fabricator. Welder and CNC Machinist by trade. Hey Bgunn, Is the misshanook still running on lake Coeur D' Alene?
  7. nmdeselle

    Tire goof! Maybe ok?

    Hi all, I was reading the thread about the Maxxis 6102/6103 tires and so I ordered up a set but I accidentally ordered the 150/70-17 for the rear. Will it fit? The little I know about tires tells me it will just be wider and perhaps a smidge taller. Any help is appreciated. nathan
  8. nmdeselle

    Motorcycle graveyards in Tulsa?

    Anyone know of a good motorcycle graveyard in Tulsa? I will be there all weekend and might have time to scrounge:) Thanks, Nathan
  9. nmdeselle

    header pipe coatings

    Spradley, What color is the jet hot coating you went with? It is the best looking one I have seen. Thanks,
  10. nmdeselle

    Best Place to buy HJC helmets?

    Thanks everyone, I want the CL-15 Royal blue. Looks like newenough.com is the place for 116 to the door. Not bad. Got the last one from Ebay new for 75 but I can't find the color and size this time. Thanks again, Nathan
  11. nmdeselle

    Best Place to buy HJC helmets?

    Anyone care to way in on the best deals on HJC helmets? I am looking for the CL-15. I checked Chapparel and Dennis Kirk but don't want to order until I check with you all. Thanks, Nathan
  12. nmdeselle

    electrical question

    I have an 06 and have plugs like that too. Always wondered if there was some cool extra that I don't have but I can't find one. Doesn't seem to be enough extra wattage for anything cool anyway. Let us know if you ever find out what they are for. Nathan
  13. nmdeselle

    transmisson sprocket whoa!!!

    My 91 was like that, scary loose. It is normal. My 06 is loose too but it still has the 3 bolt set up. I think the clips are aftermarket but still, normal. Nathan
  14. nmdeselle

    Leaky head cap

    Thanks, It is the valve cover cap like ForrestF says. The cap that holds the rockers. It has never been off before and I have no other reason to get in there so I guess I'll wait. I have had no other engine issues with the bike yet so maybe it will still be leaking at 30K. Thanks, Nathan
  15. nmdeselle

    Leaky head cap

    Well, I just ticked over 19,000 miles on the way to work today on my 06 DR650. Its been good and needed very little maintenance. about 10,000 ago, it started sweating a little oil out of the head cap just above the plugs. I let it go and it has turned into an actual seep. Not a drip yet but it is making a mess of my fins and if I don't keep it clean it starts to smell. My question is this...I know that the cam bearing halve are in the cap and since I have had no problems with this motor, should I leave it be and clean it from time to time or should I pull the cap and redo the gasket? I am just afraid that once I interfere with the bearings that it will start to wear or have problems. Any advice or success/horror stories are appreciated. Nathan