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  1. randomlad

    I'm looking for a kickstand for '03 wr250

    hey, great site. Tnx!
  2. I'm looking for an OEM kickstand for my '03 WR250F. The guy I bought it from removed it for the track, and now he can't find it. Does anyone have one they'd be willing to part with for a few $$? Thanks, Chad.
  3. randomlad

    Hello, new here and to dirt riding

    No need to wait till spring....now it just needs to get cold enough to throw some ice tires on and learn to ice race!
  4. randomlad

    Hello, new here and to dirt riding

    I think that Pittman got a KTM450sx, so he's selling this bike. Thanks for the tips. Sound like the dreaded target fixation doesn't go away with the move to the dirt! Hopefully a few seasons of racing will help me to get over it quicker when I get on the wr! Yeah, like I said I've only ridden on the dirt once, but I talked my wife's ear off all night afterwards I was so excited about how much fun it had been, so I'm really excited. It was about as fun as roadracing, without all the leather!
  5. randomlad

    Hello, new here and to dirt riding

    Hey, thanks a lot. Looking forward to learning and riding as much as I can get away with!
  6. randomlad

    Hello, new here and to dirt riding

    Hey, I'm buying Pittman's old bike, so you've probably seen it. It's had the main 3 freebies done and some jetting adjustments, but the engine's stock beyond that (which is fine by me!) The only time I've actually been on a dirtbike is when I borrowed Sara F's and headed down to Paul Jensen's for a day in the summer of '04. Now that I officially can't afford to race, I've got to buy one! Chad. (previously novice #54, UL)
  7. Hey, I'm new here, but have been lurking for a while. I'm set to pick up my first dirt bike, an '03 WR250F, from a former roadracing buddy of mine this weekend, and can't wait. Probably won't be doing too much riding for a while, since I'm in MN and the snow just fell, so no dirt riding and no ice riding (yet!) That's it. Just wanted to drop a line and say hello. Chad.