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  1. Is that the EW training track?
  2. On another note what type of camera did you use to take the picture of the connectors? Nice picture quality.
  3. Why not either cut those two ends off completely or take out the metal pieces that are crimped to the wire from the plastic connector and get a new male/female set for both of them. I bet you could get waterproof ones. Probably be cheaper than trying to find the match for those too.
  4. Pozi

    Oregon Dunes

    You should be ok with the stock gearing. I personally run a larger sprocket in the rear of my YZ450F. Once you get out there and determine that you don't like it there are plenty of moto shops in North Bend...Just across the bridge. One thing to note though. You want to try and avoid having the paddles hitting either the bottom shock mount (usually at full compression) or the paddles will wear out fast. Another item is the mud flap. This means adjusting the tire back as far as possible. I keep an extra chain link on hand for this.
  5. +2 I do not understand this to mean you can not stand up. I too constantly stand up on occasion whiling riding on the road. I commute to work daily and never had any issues. On another note I have a friend that was standing on his pegs (ninja 1000) and one of the pegs actually broke (230lb dude)...luckily he didn't crash.
  6. Pozi

    lets see some pics of some hillclimbers

    First a spellchecker will help you.
  7. Pozi

    Trashed motor thread

    I've posted these before but here goes again: YZ250F YZ426F
  8. Pozi

    coos bay,oregan

    You're hitting the dunes while in Coos Bay right?
  9. Pozi

    Oregon Dunes

    When are you headed down? We will be in Coos Bay next weekend through the 4th. If you make it down there then I'll show you around. It's really east to get lost out there....Not so much in SL, florence or Winchester. We like it better in CB because it's larger in area and more fun IMO. With that I'd suggest Coos Bay. It's the most Southern of them all but it's worth it. Make sure you have a flag, under 96db (I think) and a spark arrester, children riding under age 15 and the supervising adult now require a ATV card. Get them here after a test for free: http://www.rideatvoregon.org
  10. Pozi

    Check out these stands

    That does look homebuilt. kinda looks like garage door track and some angle iron. Nice idea though. Now you should incorporate a center stand into it so the wheels can be removed.
  11. You better hope the cops don't show up at your door step. Cause that is a steal! Great job!
  12. Pozi

    Dunes Video from Oregon In HD

    awesome video. I love the ending where the two dudes are roosting towards each other. Are all the clips from the Oregon Dunes though? I think I may recognized a few other states in there too.
  13. Nice video. Great first time editing job. Dude your from Butler? I am originally from Mercer. Born in Farrell. It's a good place to be from for me
  14. Pozi

    st. anthony's dunes?

    I'd be more concerned about the closures than I would about the snow. I know much of the dunes are closed till May for the elks and deer. http://www.blm.gov/id/st/en/fo/upper_snake/recreation_sites_/St__Anthony_Sand_Dunes/closure_extension.html