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  1. Texas Andre

    Track Cornering?

    I have questions about this: Why do street racers "get off" the bike to minimize lean angle while dirt racers lean "over" the bike and actually increase the lean angle. I notice in my race club that street racers riding motards actually lean and drag knees while the SuperMoto guys on TV go through corners using the motocross style. Why is this? What's faster or offers more grip?
  2. Texas Andre

    XR650R - Too Much for a Novice?

    Thanks for all of the good info, everybody!
  3. Texas Andre

    XR650R - Too Much for a Novice?

    Strong feelings - what's wrong with it on the highway - vibrations?
  4. Texas Andre

    XR650R - Too Much for a Novice?

    What's the R get in terms of mileage?
  5. Texas Andre

    XR650R - Too Much for a Novice?

    Thanks for your thoughts. But... - Why "go with the L?" - Can you help me a little with the "leads?" What does that mean? I think that the Baja kit comes with an alternator. What are leads? - You're saying 240 watts total? That should power loads of stuff, right? The headlight would be 55ish watts, signals 12 watts each. What else is there? Thanks again.
  6. Texas Andre

    XR650R - Too Much for a Novice?

    Why don't go with the "L" model? I'm still trying to decide if more power and less weight is better than less power and heavier? I guess as some say, you can control the power but you can't lighten the bike...
  7. Texas Andre

    XR650R - Too Much for a Novice?

    I guess that I should clarify. My riding would be a lot of road miles getting to dirt - Texas to Colorado, plan on South America at some point, dirt roads around north Texas. The plan is mostly gravel/dirt/fire roads and stuff like the Alpine Loop in Lake City (which to me looked pretty techical with large rock beds, boulders at the switchbacks, etc. I just always pass these great gravel roads heading off into nowhere that I would never take my 750 pound ST1300 onto. I don't know what I'll find once I head off road, though. And knowing myself, I'll climb deeper into the outback once I start doing this. I do, however, need a good bike for getting TO these places. I don't live near dirt roads; I'm in Dallas and will need to spend signficant time getting to the off road areas. I'm not really a trailering guy, although I've got one for the race bike...
  8. Texas Andre

    XR650R - Too Much for a Novice?

    What's "uncorking?"
  9. Howdy all, I'm an experienced street rider - ACE750 with 45,000 miles, ST1300 with 30,000 miles, SV650 street track bike with many, many trackdays. Only dirt experience, however, is the Top of the World from Tok to Chicken on the ACE750 - 100 mile gravel road. I want a good dual sport/adventure touring bike: - Is the XR650R too much for a novice adventure tourer? Is this like buying a porsche as your first car? - Alternately, if you aren't experienced, isn't a lighter bike like the XR650R better than a heavier DS like a XR650L or a KLR? - Is the Acerbis 6 gallon tank available for the XR650L? I think it's available for the R, but the L also? - What is the alternator capacity for both of these bikes? Can they power an electric vest and gloves while maintaining the static loads of likes, signals, etc.? - Is there a hard luggage/rack system available to purchase? I see a lot of talk of people fabricating luggage, but I'm lazy and inept and just want to buy. Thanks.