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  1. This is a new National Alert System please Help me get it going to sign up send a e mail to savetrail@earthlink.net I will send you an invite just follow the easy link's and your helping to keep trails and roads open. You will (only) receive e mails when a Trail or Road is in danger of being closed. To get a email sent to all in the Alert group e mail information and who to contact to the same address. This Alert Group is for all OHV More Info Recently I have discovered there is a need for a National Voice for saving OHV Trails. Many Trails could be saved with a large number of Phone Calls and Letters. I have set up a e-mail Alert Group that will only deal with this issue. Most Alert lists swarm you with information so when something like a trail closing comes up no one reads it. They also tend to deal with just one AREA not all OHV's We a 31 million in numbers but we have a tinny voice. This is a brand new listing and I could use you and your members support. I promise there will be no other issues Alerted to than Trail Closures. Please help me get this started You can unsubscribe at any time. Simply follow the links to Join and remember you can unsubscribe at any time! "LET'S ALL WORK TOGETHER TO SAVE ALL OUR TRAILS"! This is a National Alert List for saving Off "Highway Roads and Trails". Please Join and we will notify you when one of our members Alerts us to a trail that is in danger of being closed. These Trails include Motorcycle, 4x4, ATV, Snowmobile in other words all motorized off road trails. It's time we started a national system that allows us to speak out and save our trails. Who's Trails will we deal with YOURS To Post a "Trail or Road In Danger of closing" you will need to include, forest service report and address of who to write or call to save the trail. Suggestions on how to respond are helpful. send information to. A pre written Message that people can cut and paste is helpful for a quick response. savetrails@earthlink.net email is checked Monday-Friday You will only receive trail alerts no other postings will come your way. We have joined alert list in the past and been so flooded with e mails that the important information is lost. Please Pass the word. Help us build the strength of OHV.