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  1. uprightchicken

    E-Line stator for 03 450F

    Pretty much what the title states. Anyone have one, seen one, sellin' one? I would love to get my hands on one if possible but finding its darn near impossible.
  2. uprightchicken

    %$^&H tubes !!!!

    Could've had it done at the "stealership" for the price of those tubes you ruined! Thats a bummer though, nothing like a weekend of bench racing.
  3. uprightchicken

    Please help!! How to start crf250r in gear??

    I feel your pain! My 06 is a pig to start in gear too but it can be done. There isn't any special procedure or part to make it any easier. Just do the normal routine and make sure to use the hot start, from what I've found the CRF250R starts easier with a less violent kick. Kick it firm and smooth with the hot start and it should only take a few kicks.
  4. uprightchicken

    WR450F forks

    Anyone know if the WR450F forks disassemble like YZ450F forks? I've never personally had WR forks apart. I had my YZs apart and just curious to find out how close they are.
  5. uprightchicken

    Home Depot Buckets

    Arguably more useful than a Leatherman.
  6. uprightchicken

    my 06 450 just blew up!

    Catastropic failure FTW! Sorry to hear about your loss, thats never fun no matter how many hours it has. Sadly race bikes do not come with warranties and the only help you will get is if the DPSM that works with your Kawi dealer has a hard on for sob stories.
  7. uprightchicken

    Valve Change Frequency in WR250F

    Replacing the valves in its own right is an extreme option unless it has been ridden hard and never had any adjustments. I own an 03 YZ450f and have only had to adjust the valves one time in the amount of time I've owned it (since fall of 05). Granted I do regular inspections to make sure my clearance is still in spec but adjusting them hasn't been needed. I wouldn't be considering replacing the valves until I can't get any clearance and your valves faces are wearing or the valve itself for some reason bends or breaks. At which point you will probably need more work than just replacement. As long as you check your clearances regularly and adjust them if they do move then you'll be fine.
  8. uprightchicken

    Aftremarket End Cap for stock 450 X Exhaust

    I know Promoto Billet makes an aftermarket end cap with a spark arrester in it, they make them for the R models but I'm not sure of the Xs. http://www.promotobillet.com/index.html
  9. uprightchicken

    Fuel screw location

    We do have a special tool to adjust the screw. Its a 90 degree tool that has the bit at the end (looks kinda like a uppercase D) it has a spin dial on the other end to adjust without having to move the tool plus the bit is long enough to get in the recess and make it easy. VERY useful tool which is used on pretty much all of our units.
  10. uprightchicken

    last time i service my 250f

    Another person complaining about the dealership! Man, this never gets old. Seriously, do you have any idea the amount of money it takes to keep the store up and running? Not to mention sending your technicians to get factory trained everytime something new comes out. The price is set with all the proper justification. If it goes up it means the dealers costs are increasing and your technicians are getting even more valuable knowledge so the next time you try and fix it yourself and fail we will be here to make it right. If you can't/wont fix it yourself then don't complain about how much we charge to do it for you. Just my .02 as a faithful Honda Service employee.
  11. uprightchicken

    7.1 Spring rate

    Like the title says, I was wondering what kind of rider/riding would need a shock spring rate of 7.1?
  12. uprightchicken

    crf 450r valve question

    Depends on what your local shops labor rate is but up here at our Honda dealership its around $130, to re-shim. Remember this is the dealership, a smaller shop should be cheaper.
  13. uprightchicken

    CRF 150 for an adult, too small?

    Are you talking about the CRF150R or the CRF150F? They are COMPLETELY different animals. The R version is obviously the race bike and the F is the electric start trail version. The R has gobs of power for being as small as it is and the suspension is pretty darn good. Its a little more difficult to ride it in the woods compared to the F version but if you are comfortable riding offroad then you wouldn't have a problem. They are a little more labor intensive because of the nature of the beast but it would be a good alternative to the F and you wont be disappointed with the power. No electric start or kickstand on the R and the F has no kick start. Hope this helps.
  14. Thats the beauty of our sport though, you don't have to be the "best" to win a championship. With lots of work, the right bike and sporsors as well as consistant riding the 2nd "best" rider can take it home. Who's to say he/she did not deserve the championship for being the 2nd "best"?
  15. uprightchicken

    1994 Husky 360 info needed

    Alright guys I'm not up on the models and sizes of the Husky brand. My cousin has a 1994 Husky 360 four stroke and I have no idea what model it is so I can get some more specifc info per model. If anyone has any ideas or useful information I would appreciate it, I need all I can get.