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  1. Cirrus

    Will I fit?

    Well to add to this, I keep seeing good deals on 200EXCs....so add 2 vs 4 stroke to the mix. I appreciate the discussion.
  2. Cirrus

    Will I fit?

    I rode a 450EXC around in a parking lot and was very impressed w/ the power and could see it being a handful in tight woods....30ish hp should be more than enough. Dirt Rider arived today w/ the 250cc comparison, off to read it.
  3. Cirrus

    Will I fit?

    Is the 450 set up for a heavier rider?
  4. Cirrus

    Will I fit?

    Exactly what I needed
  5. Cirrus

    Will I fit?

    I'm new to off road (mountain bikes excluded) and am looking to go from street riding (600cc sportbike) to riding fairly tight trails in Georgia (Durhamtown and Highland Park). The 250x seems like a good mix of power and agility for a newbie but what's the consensus, I am 6'3" 210#, will I fit? Or what do I need to plan to do, risers, different pegs, etc. Thanks for the responses.