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  1. Cyclejockey

    When you guys jump...

    Hey Tim...Is that a Honda Element you stuffed your bike into??? That reminds me of a St. Bernard trying to fit through a cat door. I can't believe you actually got it in there. Whatever gets you to the dirt.
  2. Cyclejockey

    Yoshi Install Help. (pic) New gasket needed?

    I'd just replace it anyway. Neil is right. The gasket is up there and if you're looking for a copper one like the Honda's you won't find it. It's wide and soft. Put a screw driver up there and poke around. When I worked at the Honda shop, I replaced the gaskets everytime. It only costs a few dollars and you're absolutly sure it's good.
  3. Cyclejockey

    Thanks wolf_child!

    Thanks to Nate the Great too! The cost was $280 to my door in two weeks (took longer and $90 more because he shimmed it up for me.
  4. Cyclejockey

    Holy Tall Bike, Batman!!!!

    I like the new look. I just put my new Ohlins on thanks to you guys. It looks good too. Craig from Huskyclub shimmed it up for me and it was perfect. I think I was one of the last ones to get in on the good deal. Don't feel bad about the seat height though. I have a 28" inseam and mine's still ridable. I won't be doing any big jumps but with 8 kids I can't afford to kill myself.
  5. Cyclejockey

    Thanks wolf_child!

    Thanks for recommending the guy that sells the Ohlins shocks. That was a major improvement over the stock one. You said I wouldn't be disappointed and you were right. It fit perfectly and looks awesome. Thanks again
  6. Cyclejockey

    Wobbly Shock

    I just installed a new shock yesterday and the new one wiggles too. It kinda scared me at first too.
  7. Cyclejockey

    Yosh RS3 mounting help...please

    Thanks for the help. I thought about moving the bracket back too. Good to know that works also. Russ, here's my email again just in case: cyclejockey@gmail.com
  8. Cyclejockey

    Yosh RS3 mounting help...please

    I've had my RS3 system on for a while now and I took it off to install a new shock. Now I can't remember how to mount the muffler to the frame. I have the bracket, spacer, bolt and washer, I just can't remember what order they go in. I can recall it being a bear to install the first time. anyone have a picture or can tell me how to do it?
  9. Cyclejockey

    i think somebody is trying to scam me.

    If he won't give you cash, don't do it. If he has money in the bank to write a check he should be able to go there and withdraw it. I used a place called shippingmasters.com You send him the title and the other guy sends the check. When the check clears, you get the money, he gets the title. Worked like a charm. I did that with sean400sm in Florida.(i think that was his profile name)
  10. Cyclejockey

    Anyone manually adjusted the suspension?

    If you crank it down too far the shock explodes into a million pieces and you have to buy a new one... Come to think of it, that's a good question. I never bothered to ask.
  11. Cyclejockey

    Anyone manually adjusted the suspension?

    Yikes! That doesn't look like fun. I'm in the middle of going through my suspension. The Ohlins shock comes in the mail today. I can't wait. It seems like an eternity since I rode. only about 3 weeks.
  12. Cyclejockey

    Anyone manually adjusted the suspension?

    I want to see!!! Let me see! Don't make any drastic changes to the settings. If you move any of the "clickers"(just move them and find out why they're called clickers.) do it a little bit at a time. First take it out for a joyride through the desert. Then see what made it hard to handle and adjust the settings accordingly. There's an article available from some guys here on this site that is very helpful. I'll find it and PM you with it. I just got into the in's and outs of suspension and let me tell you. It's a little scary at first but if you take it slow and record all of the changes you make it's really simple and straight forward. Good luck. Update us and let us know how it's going.
  13. Cyclejockey

    dont be alarmed.......

    Are you coming to Stateline here in Nevada for the race next weekend? I'm probably going to show up friday or Saturday night. Which bike should I be looking for?
  14. Cyclejockey

    How to set rebound??

    That's the problem I was having with the rebound. The seat was kicking me in the butt everytime I hit even a small bump. If there were a series of bumps and I was going fast it would keep kicking me till I felt like I was going over the bars. Bottom line is, you'll definately know if the rebound isn't set right. That's a really bad and scary feeling.
  15. Cyclejockey

    How much nitrogen??

    Thanks for the help guys. I'll be geting to that job soon. If it's not one thing it's another...not that I'm complaining.