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    04 Tc250 Speedo Too Fast

    I set it to 1346 and it's as close as it could be. I appreciate the info. I looked all through the steps in my manual and all I could find is 2223 for TE. I know that was way off. I mainly want to use it in the 7 mile laps at the harescrambles so I have an idea where I'm at. When I know I'm close to the checkpoint it keeps me going and I'm less likely to want to give up.

    04 Tc250 Speedo Too Fast

    Thanks for the ideas. I will be trying them this weekend. The mileage is most important to me.

    04 Tc250 Speedo Too Fast

    My Sigma 500 on my TE250 must not be calibrated right. The owner's manual list instructions for the 700 model and says to set wheel circumference to 2223 mm for the TE250. The procedure was not the same but I finally figured it out and did so. After riding it I know that it reads way faster than I am going. Anyone have the same problem and any suggestions?

    Back to Husqvarna. Did I screw up?

    As far as putting a filter on the carb vent hose, exactly which hose is it? And also, I put about 2hrs. on the new 250 Sunday and I must say that I can for sure tell it's not my CRF250. The only thing that concerned me was that the front end felt like it wanted to wash out in loose ground. In the woods it felt pretty good out of the box w/ no adj. I am going to lower front tire pressure and slide the forks down even with the top clamp then see what happens.

    Aftermarket Tank?

    Sorry, That was for a 04 TE 250.

    Aftermarket Tank?

    You can get an IMS tank from Toytechcycles in PA. for $249.00 Ask for Scott.

    Back to Husqvarna. Did I screw up?

    I,m starting to feel better. Any suggestions on a source for the valves? Is it just the exhaust that need attention or all of them? I'm guessing new springs are needed for the extra weight of the SS valves.

    Back to Husqvarna. Did I screw up?

    Thanks for the input. My Honda seems to be the same way, change the oil & go, but I guess time will tell. I am really looking forward to the Husky and I am hoping that it is reliable. I think the nearest dealer to me is in WV. so I won't be riding there for parts when something breaks. If the Husky will put up with a C class veteran for a couple of races a year and a couple of weekends a month trailriding I'll be OK.
  9. I am brand new to the TT forum. Back in the 80's I had many bikes including a 1981 Suzuki RM 125 which I raced fairly sucessfully the C class in motocross. Then I moved on to harescrambles where I raced a Honda CR 250 and did OK winning once and placing in the top 5 almost always. But my fondest memories were with a 1982 Husqvarna 250 CR which I still own. Many years have gone by and now at 37 I decided to get back into riding and every once in a while racing a harescramble. I bought a 04 Honda CRF 250 R and really like it. My wife has an 04 CRF100, and daughter an 04 CRF70. All is well. Then I decided I wanted another Husky I guess just for old time sake and I am under the impression they are like the "high end" exotic bikes and I have yet to see one anywhere around here in Southeastern Virginia. I have a new in the crate 2004 TE250 on the way and planned on selling my CRF after it arrives. I said all of that to ask this, After a couple of hours reading posts about the 04 TE250's and the problems with valve issues and lack of support from Husqvarna with customers that have exploded their engines, should I keep my Honda to ride while I save up money to fix my Husky when it scatters? Or is this bike just as reliable as any other. There is always talk about the weaknesses of all the bikes out there. I was told that the valves in my Honda are junk and I should put 05 valves in before it takes a dump but so far so good. Am I worried for nothing and the Husky is going to make me happy or should I start buying extra parts now? I also have a 1984 250WR Husky and a 04 Suzuki DRZ400S. Any comments would be appreciated.