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  1. tkavan01

    Kuberg Start Review - way better than a 50!

    We've had a kuberg start for 2.5 years now, it's a great starter bike, the suspension on my model is there for show only and the 12 inch wheels do not handle well in sand. my son who started at age three is now on a pw50, the bike has taught two of my friends kids the basics and they have moved on to 50's as well, my 4 year old daughter is learning on it now... I'll sell it when my twins are through with it, was worth the purchase though
  2. tkavan01

    What happened to live supercross on speed tv?

    but then when would they do a rehash of nascar?
  3. tkavan01

    Suspend Reed for a race

    they need to suspend both of them and stewarts teamate, also lappers who don't immediately leave the mainline of the course need to be suspended.
  4. tkavan01

    2011 Bergs

    which is lame considering how bad the euro has tanked in the last year... looking around on the internet it seems the 450's and the 390's sold the best, i'm willing to bet this year it will be difficult to get your hands on any version of the 2011 570 while the 2010's sit idly by.
  5. tkavan01

    BMW G450X vs Husaberg FE390

    not often, usually they will be stolen and shipped a few hundred miles away, either split up for parts or dumped in someone's garage for a few months till the heat dies down... then they will spray paint the plastics and run the thing into the ground, eventually it breaks down and they toss it in their parents shed were 10 years from now someone will try to sell it and discover it is stolen, then part it out.
  6. tkavan01

    G450X available in CA now

    browsed bmw's mototard website could not find any info on financing options, 2009's are going for 1.9% which is a hell of a deal, but i'd rather look at the 2010's for the front fork improvements that have been talked about.
  7. tkavan01

    Best riding area in the US?

    not if you own a red sticker bike
  8. asked for a 2010 husaberg fe450, got nothing, it'll be like this for a long time i'm guessing.
  9. tkavan01

    Best off road motor ever made

    would be overkill as a boat anchor... that said, i had a 1986 xr 250 that probably had 2000 hours on the original build, and man did my brother and I ring that sucker out everytime we had a chance... powerwise it does not compare to the modern engines but boy was it fun and reliable
  10. tkavan01

    '10 BMW450 vs '10 BergFE450

    Reid is a product of Vegas, no chance he will not get Ellected again unless all the blue hairs from california down there die... From what I'm told it's a vin check which cannot be bypassed, these rules came from the DMV being told by the dot to quite doing conversions
  11. tkavan01

    '10 BMW450 vs '10 BergFE450

    nevada won't let you plate them...
  12. and be prepared for it just like california law wise in 10 years... at least thats what the locals tell me
  13. tkavan01

    Why do races start so damn early???

    7am is not early, in college i rowed, we had race times that started at 6, practice on weekdays meant getting up at 4:30!
  14. tkavan01

    Whats the Deal with the "C" Classes

    i've never raced a motorcycle, but in xc mountain biking the lower classes have shorter races, usually it'll be a lap course, the class will do 12 miles, the b will do 24 and the a will do 30, i usually picked b or c depending on how tough the course was (i worked 65 hours a week, so training was hard) in the C class the winners would be all kitted out in local bike shop gear riding a bike that cost 8 grand, he would finish up to 20 minutes ahead of second place(never me) the guy just didn't want to pull the distance, he'd have laptimes faster then the a's! i felt like saying something to him once, but just left it be... It was always funny to watch him on the podium his time being 15 minutes faster then 2nd and 3rd, which where 6 seconds apart...