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  1. elcamino76 - I went out to Tomohawk Mx which is out past hagerstown into WV. All I can say is the place is sweet, nice people and very nice track. I am deff. going back soon. AS for my tires I think i am going with michelin starcross mh3, most of my riding is on hardpack anyway so yea. thanks for the help guys
  2. I went out to the mx track yesterday with my '03 yz125 and the bike was really loose and pushing all over and these stock tires are not cutting it(they are not in new condition). So I am thinking about starcross ms3 front and rear. Will this be a good tire and do they hook up good. Give me some recomendations. Thnks.
  3. Hey I have an 03 YZ125, but i sat on an '06 RM 125 a couple of days ago and I like the bend of the bars, could someone tell me what type of bend they are? Thanks alot.
  4. Hey whatsup, I just bought a 2003 YZ125 off of a member on this site, and when I put the bike in gear and pull the clutch it will roll but the engine turns over. I adjusted/ tightened the cable but i cant make it to tight because i think it will slip the clutch right? I dont know if its normal or not. And sometimes downshifting from 2nd to first it stays in neutral. So help a newbie out. Thanks
  5. Ricky looked pissed way off when he stood up
  6. Yea its happened to me, i was 14 on a yz125 up at rausch about 2 years ago. I cased a big double on the frame and it broke both of my ankles at the same time, i never raced just rode tracks alot and i just got in over my head, owell sh*t happens, rider error. Bike was fine tho.
  7. what song was that
  8. You shoulda kicked him in the nuts then ran, that wouldve embarrassed his sorry but in front of those girls and his friends, dude that sux that he messed up your bike tho.
  9. whats my 1997 XR200 worth? it runs fine, it is sometimes hard to get into first gear, overall a good bike, doesnt smoke.
  10. well if you want to still ride but arent looking for alot of risk you could get into minis. My dad work with a lady whos husband broke his back racing mx at loretta lynn's, the doc told him he that he should never ride again, but he rides a 50 n a xr100 and is still okay
  11. hey thanks for keeping my hopes up, i appreciate it, actually i know ill be keepin this quad for a while. I mean im 16, before i know it ill probly workin alot more and ill just save up some money and buy something nice, we only have trails around our house, and i dont ride at tracks every weekend so im not worried about it. Honestly i wouldnt mind havin a little xr100 or somthin just to play around on, but i think im stuck w/ the quad.
  12. hey now, i ride an XR200 too ya kno
  13. ive got 400 arms on it w/o the shocks on it in the pic, and idk if i misunderstood you, but are you saying put a 400 motor in my 300?
  14. no, i saved it and bought it stock for 2000 bucks, i got my 125 for 800 bucks cuz it was worn out and the suspension was shot, which was my money well spent. BTW i was 14 then, i am 16 now and i work and buy all my stuff and i am very thankfull, thank you. Trust me i know how to respect things, so here are a couple of pics for the hell of it
  15. ok, ill keep you in mind if i things change around here, ill have to post up some pics and show off my sweet ride