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  1. The SM with dirt wheels is an incredible dirt adventure machine.... its surprising
  2. personally I ride it sitting right up on the gas tank. I Use to lean off the bike but quickly realized that its wasn't really necessary, just make large aggressive inputs into the bars. My biggest tip though is to let you leg lead you turn when doing a hairpin (motocross style). It has save me washing out the front end at least twice when I've hit some gravel etc.
  3. you'd be surprised what those 17's will do.
  4. ride your SM for both duties, you only live once
  5. I've had this problem too and what seemed to remedied it was a small adjustment on my clutch cable at the bars to disengage the clutch more fully. GL
  6. Check out this
  7. post of the week!
  8. it would definitely be cool never having to go to the gas station again. If you live and work in the city, it might be just the scooter you need! I wouldn't get rid of my thumper any time soon, but there might be a twist i didn't expect to future stable-mates!
  9. Yep, i definitely think they need more time too, just sweet to see! I wonder if they'll come with photon torpedo's for jerks that cut you off
  10. About a hundred pounds lighter than my SM and sounds like something straight out of Tatooine see what I mean here (video): original story here: http://blog.wired.com/cars/2009/04/zero-takes-elec.html
  11. not necessary
  12. Damn i'm so jealous man! The bike looks great, glad to hear you had it blessed by the man himself!
  13. I like the fender! I wonder how it does on the highway. Install went pretty smooth or did it require some 'finesse' p.s. hey to my fellow Canadians!
  14. its all about step up stands
  15. Sweet!