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  1. UpstateSC-rider

    So I bought a TTR90.....

    Thanks for posting that, not much 90 action here.
  2. UpstateSC-rider

    TTR 90 Running Rich...tried everything

    One of the valves is probably bent, just happened to my kids bike...fuel spraying out of the front of the carb. In our case it would never start but come real close to it. Put it on tdc and stick low-psi compressed air into the spark plug hole and listen for air out of either the exhaust or carb. Best of luck.
  3. UpstateSC-rider

    TTR90 no compression excessive vavle clearance do it yourself

    I know this is an old thread but just wanted to say it has great info in it. I was having the same symptoms on my kids' ttr 90 and the fix was the same although on mine it was the exhaust valve that was bent. It's not back together yet (still waiting on parts) but think the only problem I'll have is getting the valve spring retainers back in.
  4. UpstateSC-rider

    TTR-90 Replacement Carbs

    Still interested if anyone has an idea about which replacement carbs will bolt onto a 90. Thanks
  5. UpstateSC-rider

    TTR-90 Replacement Carbs

    I realize it's an old thread but i have the same question...Which mikuni carb works as a replacement of the stock one? A little performance improvement is a plus but not required, just looking for a replacement that will let my kids be able to start it without having to pull the plug, dry it, and then get some ether. I've read the VM22 works but haven't heard if it's a direct repalcement or if some other mods have to be done. Thanks for any help. And it's for an 05 ttr 90.
  6. UpstateSC-rider

    Bike runs w/o popping when cold

    Thanks everyone, appreciate the help. The carb is a 41 FCR. I don't ride much when colder so I'll probably wait until it warms up to start tweaking. Thanks again. Lou
  7. Guys, In general, if a bike tends to pop on decel in warm/hot weather and run great in cold weather, does that automatically mean I have jetting issues? In either temp the bike runs great and starts easy. Thanks Lou
  8. UpstateSC-rider

    walnut grove, sc friday 5/11

    How's the riding there? Never been to it but have a friend that lives in Roebuck so we might try to hit it one day. Time-wise, how far away from G'ville? Thanks Lou
  9. UpstateSC-rider

    Good source for mineral oil (magura clutch)?

    Thanks, appreciate the help guys. Lou.
  10. UpstateSC-rider

    Good source for mineral oil (magura clutch)?

    Anyone know of good generic sources for mineral oil, specifically for a Magura clutch for a Husaberg 650? I've read a somewhere that said baby oil, is that really a viable alternative? Also, any clutch bleeding tips welcome. Thanks Lou
  11. UpstateSC-rider

    Overheated YZF426. What to look for?

    Just let it run dry a little but not sure how long. It pinged a little. Oil is clean so I guess that's a good sign. To check the head do you guys just use a straight edge or use a machine shop? I've never done work on a 4-stroke bike before, only cars and 2-stroke MX bikes. Not even sure if there's enough room to pull the head while in the frame or the engine should be removed first. Appreciate the help. Lou.
  12. Guys, YZF426 that sounds like it overheated. Re-filled with coolant but when trying to start it notice coolant on top of the crankcase. Looked like it dripped from the exhaust. Pulled the exhaust and it had a lot of coolant. Can someone tell me if this motor tends to burn a headgasket before doing damage to other parts? Haven't torn it down yet. Any tips on what to look for? Thanks for any help. Lou.