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  1. yamaha62

    143cc bore kit

    the 143 kit is a great kit and makes a huge difference as far as a pipe i would say pro circuit t-4 and also a 26mm carb makes a Huge difference, i noticed a bigger change from the carb that the race head
  2. yamaha62

    kx 250f eng mods pro-circuit v.s bg bore

    yah its illegal in any 250f class except in open and vet
  3. yamaha62

    08 kxf--to tall

    set the sag, lowers it a tad, enough for me to touch on both feet
  4. yamaha62

    bad stator?

    alright well im trying to figure out if i have a bad stator or not. this is for my mini bike ( klx 110 ) and i changed the coil, kill switch, and bumpstart and that didnt do it. it runs then shuts off after about 5 minutes. now it hardly has any spark at alll and will only start once every 50 kicks. im pretty sure this is the stator but are these the symptoms to it?
  5. 05 yz 250f fast as crap as a stock bike and mine just looked sick lol
  6. yamaha62

    team green jet specs???

    o-ring just gets torn apart. dont do that. had it on both my bikes to try it and it failed. as far as the team green specs my bike runs spot on with all of them. of course the motor isnt stock so mine will be different than yours.
  7. yamaha62

    team green jet specs???

    yah my k&n wasnt as tight of a fit on the airbox which ment there was a gap letting a little peace of sand by which also decided to scar my cylinder. but i do ride for team green assist and i have alot of specs they send out to there team and ill check if there the same
  8. yamaha62

    any inside tips to spliting the cases?

    oh mann, getting the cases apart is pretty easy, but putting it all back together is a whole different story when putting it together get all the part in one side of the case. the crank will probably be in the opposite side when you take it apart so what u need to do it heat the case up with a torch ( hold the torch in one spot and the heat goes throughout) then hit the crank with a mallet and it should drop right out, do the same to get it into the otherr side and also heat the case up before putting it back together.
  9. yamaha62

    178cc SCUT

    from what ive heard, the kit is great. but you must be able to handle it, many who have it find it actually hard to ride..
  10. yamaha62

    KLX110 Lights

    so where and how do you ground one of the wires? pictures?
  11. yamaha62

    Big Bore???

    well actually i have there bore kit and racehead and the thing is awsome. it has been running strong for 4 months. now i wouldnt buy anything else they put out but im satisfied with there motor. if your not comfortable with that then go to hondatailbikes.com. bassicly the same but a much bigger and trusted company
  12. yamaha62

    Kick Start problem

    pretty sure you have a borkem output shaft too. you need to split the cases and install a new one. with that motor, if its not already broken, it will most likelly go sooner or later
  13. yamaha62

    KLX110 2007 Change Front To KX65 2008

    or u could have just did a little fabiing and presses the stem out of the 110 and onto the 60..
  14. yamaha62

    bbr comp cam help

    i think it can be done and it is not neccessary but is a realy nice thing to have
  15. yamaha62

    MX vs. ATV on 360

    thats just the demo i got it and its actually pretty good. the scrubs and whips are sweet but it still could have been better