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  1. Thank's anyway smcdonn, the problem was exactly what you said!!
  2. Problem solved!! Today I check the valve cover gasket and it was not in the right place in the spark plug area....that´s why oil was leaking and blow air from the drain hole. I olso check the valve clerances and they was perfect, in the middle between the max and min specification. All this problem begins when my brother take it to a "supposedly good" mechanic to check the valve clerance!!! He paid for damage in his bike!!!! Here in Chile there isn´t good and honest mechanics. Thank´s again guys Ignacio
  3. Thank´s bigred for the information. I think that the problem is the gasket because I already check the spark plug and it isn´t loose. av: thanks a lot for the pictures and tips, as you said pics do the "showing" part. This weekend I´m gonna dismantle to see the gasket an the valve clerance Regards Ignacio
  4. Thank´s for all the answers guys. I learned a lot here. grayracer513 : The hole i was talking about is the first hole you explain. Fixins: I´m gona do what you said. I hope to solve the problem otherwise "oldnbold" was correct and is a cilinder leakage problem. In that case a mechanic should see the bike. regards
  5. The head cover gasket is not leaking, and the exhaust is ok too. I´m sure that the air blows from the little hole. Besides sometimes appear engine oil from the hole and burns in the exhaust.
  6. Ok, I´m gona do that and see what happens Thks
  7. "Is it blowing out the front of the engine right above the header?" Is blowing only from the little hole in the right side of the engine. The header is the muffler? (Excuse me but I don´t know so much english)
  8. Thank´s josh. I check the spark plug (NGK CR8E) and it´s OK (I took it out and put it again). Then I start the engine and from this hole blows air all the time...Is this normal?? or is I don´t know "a gasket problem" ID.
  9. Hi, I´m new here. This is my first post in thumpertalk. I´m from Chile-SA and I have a little question.. Which is the function of the hole that has the right side of the engine? My brother is owner of a 2002 WR250F and when he tried to start it (with the engine warm) from this hole come out a litle bit of engine oil and burns in the exhaust expelling smoke and bad smell. Thank´s for all Best Rgds. Ignacio