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  1. Leeisfishing

    06 WR450F Front Disc Guard

    Still no plastic ones out?
  2. Leeisfishing

    06 WR450F Front Disc Guard

    I rather not do metal. Just looking for a plastic guard. Anyone find one for an 06?
  3. Leeisfishing

    06 WR450F Front Disc Guard

    Anyone know of a front disc guard that will fit an 06 WR450F. I ordered this UFO one (WB_511450) from the store here which was suppsed to fit an 05 and the 2nd hole is not even close to being lined up with the caliper bolt hole. A guy from the Thumper Store said....51-1450, - It should. I'm 99% sure, as it fits the 05 WR450F and there are no real changes for 06.
  4. Leeisfishing

    06 WR 450 tips?????????

    I have had my 06 Wr450F for 2 weeks now. I had the dealer install the AIS kit. After reading about the Throttle Stop Mod and Grey Wire Mod I decided to check it out. Found both of them allready done by the dealer. I ordered these parts from here.. WB_31948 "SKID PLT, WB_511450 "DISC GRD, PU_M60022 ALUM HANDGRDS, WB_511955 "FRAME GRD, PU_NU3251ST UNI FIL, WB_15818 ZIP T FUEL MIX SCRW and a new pipe insert http://promotobillet.com/shop/item.asp?itemid=80 It looks like the dealer took the snorkel out too..... I guess there is not much left to do but RIDE.... What an awesome bike.... I have a RM250 and this is my 1st 4 stroke..