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  1. I have two sets of S wheels. One with D606 knobbies and the other with Distanzia's (more street than dirt tire). I'd consider trading a set for stock 17" wheels.
  2. Do a google search for wambaw cycle trail. A fried of mine mentioned maybe going there sometime. I'm a couple of hours or so away in North Carolina so if yo try it out please PM me and let me know how it was. I don't look at this forum too often.
  3. Lots of great advice above. I pray that God will bring comfort and peace to your family during this difficult time.
  4. I'm not advising this but ... my Muzzy went on so tight that I never attempted to put on the springs. I didn't see how it could go anywhere without them. No problems so far.
  5. Make that 17 to go ... I just placed mine. Yeah what about the tank ... I can't decide 2.6 or 3.2. 3.2 would give me two round trips to work, but I think the smaller looks better. And what about graphics ... I'm hoping for a nice tax refund this year.
  6. Another vote for Firefox. My boss is a big mac fan. He speaks well of Safari but uses Firefox to have a consistent experience since we use it on our PCs at work.
  7. I remember reading a post (probably Eddie) that said at more than 2.5 turns, there would not be enough tension on the spring to keep the fuel screw from vibrating loose and falling out. My bike is running great now by the way, thanks to Eddie.
  8. Tps

    You don't use it, just unplug and store with the mikuni.
  9. This is what I did with mine.
  10. Excellent. I've heard there are trails to ride around Ft. Bragg ... but I have not checked into it.
  11. About 30 miles south of Fayetteville (don't hold it against me)
  12. I second that
  13. I pulled the carb back out and checked the jets. I have a 100 (left) and 200 (right) on right under the bellmouth. I have a 160 (middle), 40 (bottom), and 80 (top right) on the bottom of the carb. I verified the original PJ was a 45. Here are links to pics of the carb and comparison of the stock and extended fuel screws. Left Side Right Side ID Number on Carb ? FS Comparison 1 FS Comparison 2 The fuel screws look different in length to me; from where I think it would bottom out to the tip. So maybe putting in the extended fuel screw worsened my problem? Could I jbweld something to my stock fuel screw to make it an extended one? Thanks for the help.
  14. I hate being such a noob with this ... I don't know about the air cut valve. How can I verify it's existence? I will visually confirm all jet sizes and post back. I am using the ZipTY? from the TT store (FS01 I believe). Thanks!
  15. Testing on and off the bike. Tried the PJ test off the bike -> did not notice a difference in idle speed with FS changes. -> 0 to 1/2 throttle snaps could make the engine die (poof) Test riding the bike mirrored the off the bike tests but to a lesser extent. It felt pretty good except for trying to slam the throttle open from an 'idle' speed. e.g. - When coasting at slowest speed in 1st or 2nd gear and quickly snapping to > 1/2 throttle. This killed the engine a couple of times. Had it happen at 1 turn and 2.5 turns. If I open the throttle a little slower, it seems to take the gas well and pull hard. I don't know that I ever tried slamming the throttle open like this before from an 'idle' speed so I may have had that all along. I'm still bothered that I can't seem to peform the Pilot Jet sizing test described by Eddie in the jetting forum. I can't detect a difference in idle as expected while turning the FS. I also thought it should stumble when turning the FS in ... the only way I could get it to stumble from FS changes was by turning the idle low, then it would cut off when I got to about 2.5 turns out (from fully in). Thanks for quick responses, wouldn't you know my internet went out Friday afternoon and Time Warner will not send someone out until Monday ... I'm at my parents house across town now. Will check back tomorrow.