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  1. rewinding a stator is a snap. here's a pretty good explanation: Good luck and let us know how it goes. dkali
  2. A multimeter will tell you how much voltage you have, but will not tell you the capacity remaining in the battery. To do that, you can either put the battery on a load tester or you can check the electrolyte with a tester. But that doesn't solve your problem. It sounds to me like your bike is not charging and perhaps your stator has a short that is causing the battery to drain. What you need to do is go get a service manual and follow the test procedure. Here's a quick couple of checks... Check the main fuse for continuity. Check the charging voltage at about 5000 rpm check the stator coil resistance. That will tell you whether the charging circuit is working properly. Sorry to be so general, but you really need to go get a service manual to see how to use your multimeter properly. good luck. d