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  1. mitchyz250f

    Clutch tranny noise

    Sorry it took so long to get back. the noise only happened when the bike was in gear and moving. I pulled apart the clutch measured everything, put it back together with new oil and the noise went away????????????
  2. mitchyz250f

    Clutch tranny noise

    I have a 2005 CRF250R. In nuetral the engine sounds great. In gear and moving (right after startup) the bike still sounds great. Once it warms up however there is a very load meatalic clanging sounds. My bike has about 30 hours on it. Any guesses. Peroformance is fine.
  3. mitchyz250f

    Where is the best place to buy MH3's from?

    You are right. Those are the best prices I have seen.
  4. Where is the best place to buy MH3's from? Best deal for a set.
  5. Does anyone know if the right number plate for the 2006 will fit the 05. that plate sticks out quite a bit less and still clears the one sided exhausts. If it fits it should look cleaner and the numbers should go on better too.
  6. mitchyz250f

    tutorial on shaving seat.

    I used a 24t/in. hacksaw blade. I made the cut 3/4' deep at the most extreme rear portion. Turned out perfect. Make a template out of cardboard so that both side are the same. It was pretty easy.
  7. mitchyz250f

    carb mods

    Can we see a diagram or picture of what this is supposed to look like?
  8. mitchyz250f

    Spots appearing on frame

    Aren't the frames sprayed with clear paint?
  9. mitchyz250f


    Thanks Mr. kelstr
  10. mitchyz250f


    In the Honda manual it says to keep the overall wheelbase as short as possible for best handling. I changed my rear sproket size and my wheel base is a 1/2" longer because of the chain. I could get a 'half link' and shorten that up. Has anyone noticed that a 1/2' wheelbase length makes a difference in handling? I Know typically longer means more stable but this is not what the manual implies.
  11. mitchyz250f

    Trouble shifting

    drzjay400e - I would do that but my Honda feels so much l lighter and the suspesion is so much better I don't think I will do that. The chasis I think is better handling than the Yamaha also (except in tight corners).
  12. mitchyz250f

    Stock Parts?

    Look on ebay
  13. mitchyz250f

    Trouble shifting

    According to the hammerhead chart I should be fine but please let me know how yours works out. I have riden bike for 30 years and this one seem to require extra movement when shifting.
  14. mitchyz250f

    Trouble shifting

    I am having trouble with locating the shifter. It is either too high or too low. I wear size 9's so that should be a problem. A friend of mine rode my bike and had trouble too. You have to lift your foot off the peg to shift. Didn't have that problem on my YZ250f. Anyone else have trouble.
  15. mitchyz250f

    mobile 1

    Wow, what he said. I can get the heavy duty Rotella at Wal Mart for $7.50 or so a gallon. That is less than $2.00 a quart. I think you can cases at costco even cheaper.