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  1. psalm3124

    Price for 06 YZ 250

    What is a decent price for a basically stock 06 YZ 250 in Southern California? The only upgrades are protaper upper triples and bars and suspension by Smart Performance. It's got about 150 hrs on it.
  2. On corners you keep the outside elbow up, but do you also push your hand down to get more traction to the front wheel?
  3. psalm3124

    good riding school?

    Just took a semi-private lesson with Ryan Hughes. I was very impressed. Between us 5 students we've been to about 10 other schools (some with big names) and we agreed that this was the most helpful. Ryan really gave us a 100% effort even though we're all old and slow.
  4. psalm3124

    Omega Neck Brace? any reviews

    Has anyone tried this one with a full size chest protector. I current wear a Troy Lee protector with the shoulder guards removed. Just wondering if the Omega fits under or over. Would love to see pics.
  5. psalm3124

    Painting a plastic tank

    There was a thread about how to dye a plastic tank in the Yamaha 2 Stroke section.
  6. psalm3124

    re-tearing ACL

    In late February I had ACL reconstruction and a slight tear in my meniscus clipped off (medial side) on my right knee. I am now 4.5 months post surgery. Yesterday, the front tire of my road bike washed out from underneath me when I hit a patch of wet slime. I fell/slid on my right side. The impact was to my right hip, right forearm and my shoes unclipped from the pedals. I don't know if the lateral side of my calf hit the ground. The calf was slimey and muddy, but that could be from the slide. There were no abrasions. My question: what does a re-torn ACL feel like? The knee still feels solid when I walk. I did a drawer test on myself and it feels solid. After a light jogging session this morning the area where the meniscus was clipped hurts -- it's the same pinching feeling that I had post surgery.
  7. psalm3124

    Blown Fork Seal

    I wipe down my forks between motos. After I wash the bike I dry off the tubes then lightly spray with silicon or wd-40.
  8. psalm3124

    driving after ACL surgery

    I'll be having a cadaver ACL reconstruction. For those who've had either cadaver or opposite knee (ala Dr. Mark), How many days before you can walk around the house? How many days before you can drive?
  9. psalm3124

    ROM before ACL Surgery

    Thank you both. Just wanted to be sure I wasn't creating more damage by continued stretching.
  10. psalm3124

    ROM before ACL Surgery

    I searched all the threads and couldn't find the answer I'm looking for... I tore my ACL 3 weeks ago. I have full extension and walk without a limp or discomfort. However, I do not have full flexion. Before the injury, when I kneeled to pray my butt would rest on my heels comfortably (Think of how martial artists sit at a dojo or how Muslims pray). Now my injured knee (rt) will only allow me to bend to the point where my right butt cheek is about 1-2CM away from my heel. Should I continue stretching and hope I can get it all the way? or am I just risking more damage?
  11. I've gone to shock therapy in the past. Steve has rebuilt my 02YZ250 forks and some miscellaneous carb work on some very very very old and abused bikes. He did good work & I have no complaints. But he's a one man shop and you might have to wait a while. Both times he said the job would be done in one week, one time it was two weeks, the other it was four weeks (but in all fairness it was over Xmas and New Years). Recently I wanted a revalve and sent my stuff to Dave at Smart Performance. He's a frequent poster in the Suspension forum. It cost me $16 to ship my forks and shock via UPS. I'm extremely happy with his work. Dave's also got a lot of integrity. PM me if you want more details. Tell him I sent you. PM me for my real name.
  12. psalm3124

    Is this even possible . . .

    Last week I went to the ortho to look at my knee. He did the drawer test and my knee was definitely loose. Loose enough that he ordered an MRI after the drawer test and draining blood out of it. It's been nearly a week and the swelling is 99% gone, I have 99% range of motion, but the kicker is I had someone do the drawer test on me and my knee has no movement (in the good kinda way). Could it be that the fluid added a buffer that allowed the knee to slide out and now that the swelling is down everything is back in place? Just wondering. I'll be seeing the doctor in a couple days to go over the MRI results.
  13. psalm3124

    Orthopod in So Cal

    I'm in Diamond Bar and am looking for an MX friendly orthopod to do my ACL surgery. Anyone have any recommendations?
  14. psalm3124

    dislocated knee?

    saw an orthopod today. mri was ordered. he guessed a torn acl but can't be sure until he sees the mri.
  15. psalm3124

    dislocated knee?

    Dr Mark, I googled rehab of a dislocated patella. I have a question, when can I begin cycling and running? Thank you