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  1. Cleaned the carb and the jets, problem fixed. I am thinking of rejetting and would keep the stock exhaust what would you recommend. I live on the coast so I ride basically at sea level. Thanks for the help.
  2. I bought it used about 2 weeks ago, the person I bought it from said it sat for about 9 months. When I bought it it seemed to idle fine, maybe a little low but it still idled. I then rode it two times for about 30 miles total with no problems. Two days ago would have been the third and thats when the trouble started. Once again it seems to run fine above idle, just kills once you let off of the throttle and some sputtering or minor missing on deceleration.
  3. I have a 2003 drz 400e California model that does not want to seem to idle. When brought to idle it just dies, like you hit the kill switch. If you choke it, it will idle fine.Anything above idle seems to run fine. One other thing on deceleration it seems to miss or sputter any help would be appreciated.