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  1. I am going to buy a 2016 Yamaha Grizzly , I live in Va , my question is if I buy from WV or MD would I have to pay sales tax in there state? Thanks
  2. Just sold my 2007 CRF450 and bought a brand new 2013 CRF450 from a local dealer.So my first question is about fork height? The owners manual says its not adjustable? I'm a vet rider more concerned about a better turning bike ? Are you guys raising the forks any ? Second question is about the air forks, which shock pump would you recommend ? Any other tips or tricks for a better handling machine feel free to throw them my way!!!!
  3. 76Motox

    07CRF100F fork rebuild!

    Thinking about rebuilding the forks on my daughters crf100f. I want to put the stiffest springs I can find (for dad) . Anyone have any suggestions,I see a lot for the BBR springs? Thanks, Troy
  4. OK,yeah they have a motocross track and the 1/4 drag strip.
  5. What's the name of the motocross track? Where's it at?
  6. Yeah, not far from Mechanicsville ! Actually , I'm 20 miles west of Richmond.
  7. Was thinking about turning my CRF450 Into a street legal Supermoto? Any ideas as to what I would be looking at cost wise? How do you get it approved to be legal? Looking at the KTM 500 already legal , selling for $10,000.00. It comes with all parts that were taken off ,wheels ,tires,etc.2013 model. Ballpark figure? Thanks,Troy
  8. 76Motox

    2007 CRF100F-Need Decal Graphics Kit?

    It says 150bucks and up! Nice stuff though! Thanks,Troy
  9. Looking for a full decal kit that doesn't break the bank! Talking $100.00 or less! I found some on ebay but there's too much confusion as to what it will fit and what year? BTW - the bike is a Christmas present for my daughter , so some kind of girly colors would be cool! Any ideas?
  10. 76Motox

    Quick Oil Question

    I have always run Maxima 10w40 in my 450.Engine side and clutch side. Like a dummy I picked up Maxima 5w30. Safe or not a good idea to run. Engine and clutch side? And no, I can not return it. Thanks for any input!
  11. 76Motox

    Quick jetting question!?

    I replaced all four valves this weekend with Kibble White valves and springs.While I had the head off , I ported and polished both , intake side and exhaust side of the head. I have not got a chance to ride this weekend,I'am wondering if it would be a good idea to go up one size on the jet?I know the head should flow alot more air.No other mods have been done or added other than the twin air kit.I run 93oct. pump gas. The K. W. valves are stock replacements, not oversized. Thanks,Troy......It's a 2007 crf450r
  12. got the new valves lapped in and fully assembled.Did a water leak test.No leaks.Ran out of time ,finish tomorrow.
  13. Thanks for the info.First try will be the shims I pulled out!
  14. After I lap the new valves in and have the head bolted down.What should be my starting point with the shims?I have a feeling it make take 3 trys to get it rite? intake ? exhaust? Is it possible to get it rite on the first try?