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    05 DRZ400SM wont idle

    My drz hasn't been started since the last race at beaver run.It has 700 miles on it and is stock.Yesterday being a nice day i finished putting the lights back on and fired it up.It started good but once the choke was pushed in it stalled after warm up .Cranked it up again pushed the choke off but kept the rev's up this time was popping from the exhaust and the engine felt to hot but wasn't overheating and the fan was on.It still wouldn't idle,so i took it for a ride .It ran good but still wouldn't idle and was popping plus the exhaust smells.Unplugged the tps and started it but no change so i plugged it back in.Drained the carb bowel to see if any junk was in there but didn't see anything.Dont know what could have happened since my last race maybe some dirt in the carb but it ran great that day.Any idea's Thanks Rick
  2. bomber215

    DRZSM400 raced at beaver run

    My friend and i raced our new DRZ's this past weekend.We only have 600 miles on them .We stripped all the light's off and wired all the thing's that needed wired. We also put a 14 tooth countershaft sproket on.For a bike that weigh's around 300 pound's they went really good.We both raced novice and i ended up 2nd overall and he finished back a few spot's.It was his first sm so he took it easy.I had a great race with a guy on a 425 ktm in the vet35+.We battled for 9 laps until i overshot a corner and dumped it in the grass.Still finished 4th overall .We thought not to bad for stock bikes that you can ride on the street. A little down on power but they were still fun to race. Its not alway's the bike that make's you fast,you still have to ride it.