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  1. rockymt21

    New to 50s/Pit Bikes

    I can have just as hard time trusting you as you can me, and I don't want to use Paypal, that shit is sketchy and ****s up my computer. Dan
  2. rockymt21

    New to 50s/Pit Bikes

    http://www.josephabrams.com/product_info.php?cPath=38_40&products_id=80 Do those look compatible with Honda parts, its hard for me to tell because they all look the same! Dan
  3. rockymt21

    New to 50s/Pit Bikes

    Yeah, Just wnated to know if they were shitboxes or work fine. So the bikes on craiglist seem to be gone. So now im looking for a Knock off 50, thats compatible with Honda parts, preferably 70+cc, and around $450, anyone know of any half decent knock offs? Dan
  4. rockymt21

    New to 50s/Pit Bikes

    http://www.craigslist.org/eby/mcy/95509646.html I think I am going with one of those. The guy is legit and I like the size of 50's rather then the taller pit bikes. Dan
  5. rockymt21

    New to 50s/Pit Bikes

    You guys aren't of much help. Dan
  6. rockymt21

    New to 50s/Pit Bikes

    Hey guys, I am thinking of getting a 50/pit bike pretty soon. I don't know much about moto stuff, but I am a downhill mountain bike racer. I was wondering if it would be smarter to buy say a Honda CRF50 then replace the suspension and bars or get one of the chinese knock off pit bikes, like the ones seen on ebay. I have about $800 to spend. I wouldn't be doing any racing or anything, just goofing off, donuts, and maybe riding a friend track every once in a while. Thanks, Dan