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  1. I'd kick his freekin ass real good:foul: :smirk:
  2. Probably more than when it was new.
  3. Can anyone tell me if the electrics fron a XT 225 will fit onto my TTR. I am looking into making it street legal. Thanks in advance.
  4. Can anyone give me info. on trails in this area. I will be there on vacation in July and want to bring my bike.
  5. Can anyone tell me if there is a dual sport kit available for my 1999 ttr 225 or if there is any way to add lights and turn signals. Thanks in advance.
  6. sweet sick and gnarley dude
  7. Ask someone who knows how for help if you have never done it.
  8. I had the same prob. with my 1974 xl 100. I replaced the points even though they looked good and prob. solved.
  9. It would look real nice next to my near mint 1974 xl 100 [2300 mi.]
  10. In his dreams he got 5500.00
  11. I use synthetics and no problems with the clutch
  12. The best part was when it ended.
  13. Thank you. I thought that maybe it was a one time occurence bearing in mind that the forks may have been overfilled with oil [?] I will replace the seals but I hate to take it all apart again. From now on when I trailer it I wont compress the forks so much.Very Good
  14. I transported my ttr 225 in a trailer with the front tied down and forks compressed almost all the way. Fork oil leaked out of both forks at the seals,looked like two ounces. It didn't leak on the return trip and I cant make them leak now. I may have put too much oil in the forks when I rebuilt them. Does anyone know if the seals are damaged now or was it a one time leak from being compressed with too much oil in them. Thanks in advance to anyone who can give me some advice in this regard.
  15. are you using the clutch?